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Online School Portal Essay Example Paper

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Online School Portal Essay Introduction

ASP. NET PROJECT DOCUMENTATION QUEZON CITY POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ONLINE STUDENT PORTAL FOR QUEZON CITY POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY DEVELOPERS Argete, Elma R. Chenilla, Jomar P. Duran, Mel Jane A. Junio, Jeno I. Osorio, Shekinah Roebec M. Tabotabo, Robin James A. Table of Contents Page 1 INTRODUCTION1 1. 1Background of the Company2 1. 2Rationale3 1. 3General Objectives3 2SCOPE OF THEPROJECT4 2. 1Website Design and Development4 2. 2Information System6 2. 3Maintenance, Repair, and Operations7 2. 4Documentation8 3TECHNICAL STANDARDS AND SPECIFICATIONS8 3. 1System Architecture8 3. Application Features and Capabilities9 4FINANCIAL ASPECT9 ANNEX A10 ANNEX B11 1 INTRODUCTION Nowadays, we are living in a fast paced world where everything is done instantly; from computing of single datum to complex calculations that human mind can imagine. The turn of the century can be marked as a revolution of information. The switch from manual to computerized recording and distribution of records and information has led to a significant increase in public knowledge. Many institutions and organizations benefit greatly from this information which needed to be stored processed and distributed. A very good example of institution that needs to handle vast amount of information are the school universities. An online student portal is one of the essential parts of a school. As technology evolves alongside, the information revolution, the power of computer makes it easy to distribute and view information needed with just a few clicks. Quezon City Polytechnic University handles a lot of students, since it increases annually, the dissemination of information can be very hard. Handling large amount of information can be managed with the use of a computerized system. We, the proponents, decided to propose an Online Student Portal for Quezon City Polytechnic University. This system will help the school to get-in-touch with their students and also increase the enrollment for the coming years because the school profile can be easily promoted via internet. 1. 1 Background of the Company Quezon City Polytechnic University (QCPU) is a Local university founded by Quezon City government. QCPU was established on March 1, 1994 and formerly known as the Quezon City Polytechnic. The Quezon City Polytechnic came into existence on March 1, 1994 by virtue of the City Council Ordinance No.

Online School Portal Essay Body Paragraphs

SP-171 an institution to primarily undertake the training and development of qualified technicians and skilled workers. The Three-Year Technician Curriculum was introduced in the SY 1994-1995 designed to develop highly competent technicians for industry in the areas of Automotive Technology, Electrical Technology, Welding Technology, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Technology, and Fashion Technology. Added to the Three-Year Curriculum in the school year that followed were Electronics Technology, Mechanical Technology or Machine Shop, Computer Technology and an industry-led pilot course in Boiler Technology. The QCP established its reputation among local government units as a show window and model technology-based institution paving the way for its recognition of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and developing a strong alliance with the Korea-Philippines Information Technology Center (KorPhil). KorPhil is a premier ICT training center in the Asia-Pacific region, powered by state-of-the-art Korean technology complemented by Filipino ingenuity. It was facilitated by a $4. million grant from Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) to the Philippines’ Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). This center was officially inaugurated by His Excellency President ROH MOO HYUN of the Republic of Korea and Her Excellency President GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO of the Republic of the Philippines on December 16, 2005 during the incumbency of Hon. Secretary AUGUSTO BOY SYJUCO, Tesda Director General and Hon. FELICIANO R. BELMONTE JR. , Mayor of Quezon City. In 2001, Ordinance SP – 1030 created a charter for the establishment of Quezon City Polytechnic University. QCPU started its operation by offering one (1) year programs and short term courses. By the year 2005, QCPU started offering college degree courses. Right now, QCPU prides itself in providing employment to its graduates and serves as a tool for national development, particularly in Quezon City. At present, under the leadership of Mayor Feliciano Belmonte, Jr. , starting SY 2005, meaningful access to higher education is now possible with a ladderized concept of pursuing higher education. The idea is that every person should have the opportunity for education and training commensurate to his abilities. 1. 2 Rationale The development of this study is done for the Quezon City Polytechnic University to have a student portal that will enable students access various information regarding school activities, announcements and even have their own account with the use of a website. 1. 3 General Objectives The study aims to provide an on-line student portal for QCPU in helping them to access their school information anytime with the use of internet. Specific Objectives To let the student view study-related information, allowing them to update their personal details online to ensure they won’t miss any important University correspondence. To be able to access Student Portal from any computer within the University or off-campus at any time with an internet connection. To store and retrieve data of the student. To integrate information into a systematic way of browsing the schools updates of events using World Wide Web. To develop portals in online scheme to link the students and the university departments regarding with the enrollment process. SCOPE OF THEPROJECT 2. 4 Website Design and Development Using the Student Portal, the service provider will make available the following during the development of the website: The system provides log-in and log-out for security purposes. Covers information of the students including their exams results, grades, schedules, and their school profiles. Provides posting of announcement to update every student about school events, activities and programs. Specifically, it will provide facility on the following sections: Main Page Home: is the main page of a website which gives detailed information of the company, it also provides links to its other parts. Latest News: This section they post the latest news about the school. School Profile Section These sections have a sub link which includes the company information, company hymn, department and offices, mission, vision, core values, university officials, and student council. Academics Section These sections have a sub link which includes the Bachelor degrees, 5 months programs, admissions, technical and vocational studies, 2 months programs, and entrance exam results. Students Section Have a sub links which includes the organizations, publications, enrollment dates, and SIS. SIS Modules Section Have a sub link named student. QCPU Campuses Section In these sections you’ll see the pictures of every campus. 2. 5 Information System Information system is any written electronic or graphical method of communicating information. The basis of information system is the sharing and processing of information and ideas. Computer and telecommunication technologies have become essential information system components. Information systems are combinations of hardware, software, and telecommunications networks that people build and use to collect, create and distribute useful data, information and knowledge, typically in organizational settings. Organization use information system for a variety of reasons: to gain competitive advantage, reach more customers, or improve services. Most modern business depends heavily on information system, from employee e-mail to database management to e-commerce websites. Some IT folks work behind the scenes to make sure that all the information systems being taken for granted run smoothly. Others help design these information systems according to an organization’s needs. And still others make sure that this information to the user in a clear, useful, and dynamic way. 2. 6 Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Supplies consumed in the production process but which do not either become part of the end product or are not central to the firm’s output. MRO items include consumables (such as cleaning, laboratory, or office supplies), industrial equipment (such as compressors, pump valves) and plant upkeep (such as gaskets, lubricants, repair tools), and computers, fixtures, furniture, etc. MRO items are used in production and maintenance and can be items such as maintenance supplies, spare parts, and consumables used in the production process. These items can be either valuated or non-valuated and depending on the value of the items no physical in inventory performed. MRO in business context, it is a catch-all term for the sourcing and procurement of miscellaneous, such as spare parts, stationery and ink cartridges. Maintenance, Repair and Operation work keeps a business run smoothly. A computer manufacturing business, for example, could not function without ready supply spare components for faulty or broken machines. . 7 Documentation Documentation is the usually printed instructions, comments, and information for using a particular piece or system of computer software or hardware. It is the materials that provides official information or evidences that serves as a records. Documentation is the written specifications and instructions accompanying a product, especially a computer program or hardware. Documentation is now often built directly into the product as part of the users interface and in help pages. 2 TECHNICAL STANDARDS AND SPECIFICATIONS 3. 8 System Architecture ) Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) which specifically uses Structured Query Language (SQL) to access and manipulate the databases for rapid generation of exception and on-demand reports and development or other query programs. b) Client/Server Architecture where application subsystems integrate with the workflow and information are easily accessed and retrieved through the LAN 3. 9 Application Features and Capabilities The applications have the following features and capabilities: A) The application is fully developed, running, customizable, and have the following features: i) Secured Login. The system will authorized users of the application to log in with their student number and password in order to enter the portal. Without the right combination of these two login requirements, any unauthorized access of the portal will be impossible. ii) Access Rights. This involves the granting of rights of access to the system or command of the application of authorized users by the designated System Administrator. The system also limits or widens the admission of specific users to specific activities or transactions without the assistance of the designated computer programmer. FINANCIAL ASPECT ANNEX A ESTIMATED PROJECT COST ASSUMPTIONS Requirement| No. of Unit| Unit Cost| Total Cost| Application Systems-Web Development-Information System| | | | Maintenance Cost| | | | Documentation and User Training| | | | Total Cost| | | | ANNEX B GANTT CHART Activity| Month 1| Month 2| Month 3| Month 4| Website Design and Development| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Information System| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Maintenance, Repair and Operation| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Documentation| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

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