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Online MBA Programs In California Essay

Online MBA Programs In California if you’re thinking about doing your MBA program in California Los Angeles is probably one of the first cities that came to your mind with a population of little over 12 million people. Los Angeles has both vast and very beautiful sun-drenched beaches with plenty of Hollywood glamour for those of you that are drawn to the acting culture.

One of the top business schools in LA is the UCLA John Anderson School of management located in the Westwood area Anderson has established a strong reputation in finance and entrepreneurship. Many graduates also end up working in LA’s massive entertainment industry.

The same is true at the southern California Marshall School of business; Marshall has several MBA options as well as programs all around the world. The third school in the Los Angeles area is Pepperdine, Pepperdine is a Christian university based in the coastal town of Malibu quite a beautiful town I might add, but the business school is located more centrally not far from the LAX international Airport.

Drive about two hours south of Los Angeles and you’ll find San Diego which not only has some of the best weather but also a manufacturing and technology hub with the number of business schools nestled on a hilltop overlooking the ocean you’ll find the University of San Diego which offers MBA programs with many different concentrations. Just a few miles away you see San Diegois probably better known for its life sciences and oceanography department but it’s Grady school management offers part-time and full-time MBA programs as well finally San Diego State University’s graduate school of business offers a few MBA programs including a global entrepreneurship program, a sports business management program.

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That’s a quick tour of the University seen in Southern California, there are plenty of other online MBA programs in California well worth mentioning that we didn’t get to yet so for more information about these programs and other programs in the Southern California area check back often as were constantly adding updates on new schools and universities throughout the country with a focus on a business management degree otherwise known as an MBA.

No matter where you decide to get your online MBA program in California you’ll have some of the most beautiful whether in the country with endless miles of beautiful beaches and sun drenched skies combined with warm friendly people and accredited schools that have history and heritage. Most students who come to California weather to a university or college end up making California their permanent home, it’s just hard to leave after you have spent several years here in the sunny state.

Please click the banner below to go straight to the official corresponding university website.

1) UCLA John Anderson School of Management

2)  California Marshall School of Business

3) Pepperdine University Business Program

4)  University of San Diego Business MBA

There are many other reputable colleges and universities in Southern California that have accredited MBA programs but these 4 are by far the most popular that have convenient central locations and are well known across the country and the world as students travel from the far reaches of the globe to attend these prestigious universities. Another terrific benefit of these schools is they have online programs that enable you to get your degree in a part-time or full-time capacity without the additional costs associated with an on-campus program. If you’re looking for great online MBA programs in California these universities are a great place to start.

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