Tourism Rental System

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Peoples travel from one topographic point to another for many grounds, some due to their occupations or concern and few for vacations and holidaies. As a traveler they can non have a auto in every topographic point or state they go, they ever prefer other options like public conveyances, cabs, coachs, trains and rent autos or motorcycles.

Geting a auto on rent has become really celebrated due to the cost as it is much cheaper than utilizing cabs for a whole twenty-four hours and because it is much more secure and convenient. Keeping this in the head Researcher has decided to develop an online auto lease system, by utilizing on-line auto lease system a traveler can book the auto.

As the name of the system suggest, this system will be an on-line auto lease system.

This system will non merely assist the travelers to choose the auto of their chose but they can besides compare the different theoretical accounts of auto available and different type. They can compare monetary values, theoretical accounts and trade names. They can choose if they want that the auto should be delivered to their door measure with extra charges or they will pick up the auto from the nearest shop. They can choose the auto harmonizing to their demand and budget.

Problem statement and Literature reappraisal

aˆ? Expensive rent for travelers

Online Rental System

As stated by Flowers, J and Levere, J.

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( 2008 ) due to lift in drivers fees and revenue enhancements such as province and local surcharges applied on airdromes, the rent of the autos can increase at an norm of 25 per cent.

Due to lift in Tax, the travelers have to pay up to 25 % of revenue enhancement when the engagement or leasing a auto from the airdromes. Even if the traveler pays the higher monetary value they have to travel with the autos which are available at that point of clip in the auto rental office. It can be expensive autos or even luxury autos which are non in budged of every individual.

To get the better of this job the Online Car Rental System will assist the traveler to book the auto even before they have arrived. So that they do non hold to pay excess airdrome charges and acquire any auto which is in their budget and which suits them and their demands.

aˆ? Returning the auto remotely

Harmonizing to Yang, Y. , ( 2008 ) , trouble is in uncertainness of length clip of the individual who have taken the auto on rent and which referred location he wants to return the auto.

Sometimes a individual takes a auto on rent, but it is non certain when will the individual return the auto and will the individual be able to come to the same location to return the auto or non, in this state of affairs that individual have to pay more if he delay to return the auto on clip.

This online auto rental system will supply an online service where the individual can increase the clip bounds and predefined the location individual will be dropping the auto or he want the auto to be taken from.

aˆ? Can non reserve specific auto theoretical account

Harmonizing to Korstanje, M. E. , ( 2011 ) , Due to restriction in operations creates job for tenant to reserve specific theoretical account. Reservations are non given on the footing of theoretical account but group.

Due to operation restriction in the country like airdromes, this job causes issue like in which the tenants are non able to acquire what they really want and they have to travel for the auto which is available in the shop even if it is non what they are willing to hold.

This online system will assist traveller to make online engagement in which he can choose which auto he prefer with the installation of comparing with other auto on the footing of type and monetary value so that he can makes best determination.

aˆ? No clip for client ‘s feedback

As said by Meyer, C. , and Schwager, A. , ( 2007 ) , Due to many minutess by single clients which are monitored by the company they does non acquire clip to take feedback from them sing the service provided.

When a client comes to an office for leasing a auto, due to holding many clients the staff member of the company does non acquire opportunity to inquire clients sing their services because of which their jobs are non rectified.

To rectify these issues the online auto rental system will hold an on-line feedback service after each client have done with their dealing at the clip of logout. The system will inquire for a feedback from the client.

aˆ? Time cachexia

As said by Ahlstrom, C. , Kircher, K. , et al. , ( 2012 ) , Due to a individual error of the airdrome rental service it take hours to acquire autos on rent.

When there is a job in the airdrome rental service it can take hours to acquire the auto on rent which is really blowing the clip of the tenant.

In on-line auto lease system the reserve will be done before traveler arrived at the airdrome so that when the traveler arrives at the airdrome the auto will be ready to be taken.

aˆ? Change auto on each path

As said by Asconavieta, P.H.S. ( 2011 ) auto rental companies normally work on the regional footing because of which traveler have to alter auto on every path.

Due to shortage of country coverage as the auto taken for the company should return to the same location makes the traveler to maintain altering the auto even if they go from one province to another. They have to come back to the same location. So when they go to different province they have to alter their auto.

To rectify this job the online auto rental system will hold an option of choosing the country the clients want to return the auto. So In the state like Emirates or Maldives where the country is short, the auto can be taken from one province to another province without any jobs.

aˆ? Improper programming for proper auto use

As stated by Minodora, 2009, improper programming in auto lease companies causes the company unable to use their auto and even increase work clip for tenant to acquire auto.

Due to improper programming in the auto lease companies the auto pass more clip in the company ‘s auto batch or clients have to wait until the auto is non returned.

Using on-line auto lease system the programming will be done online by the client itself as the auto which they select they have to set the clip they will return. If in instance they fail to return or inform the pickup point excess charges will be charged to them.

aˆ? Return auto on the same bureau location

Harmonizing to Goldbarg, M. , Asconavieta, P. and Goldbarg, E. , ( 2012 ) , auto rented from a company can merely be returned to the bureau of the same company.

If a tenant take a auto from a company he or she have to return it to the same bureau of the same company but if the individual is new in the part it will non be possible for him to make that it will be blowing of clip in seeking for the bureau.

In the online auto lease system the tenant can choose whether he wants to retune the auto or he wants the auto to be taken from where he is, it can be hotel, airdrome, promenade or any other location he can predefined the location online and the auto will be picked up from him.

aˆ? Insufficient gross

Lin-in, H. , and Tao, Q. ( 2011 ) described that auto leasing companies in certain countries unable to acquire sufficient gross for growing.

This issue is due to concentrating on a limited part because the rate of sale additions based on the country of the company it is located in if the company is limited to its country merely.

In on-line auto lease system there will be no boundaries, the company can concentrate on any location and acquire gross from any portion of the country or even state if the state is non in a bigger size like Emirates or Maldives.

aˆ? Rejection due to short clip frame

Harmonizing to Guerriero, F. , Olivito, F. ( 2011 ) in order to increase the gross, company with limited auto does non lease the auto for a twenty-four hours or few hours.

Because of limited country of work company does non give their autos for short period of clip to increase their gross which make it hard for the traveler to seek auto leasing company after he hold reached to the unknown state or location.

As the online auto lease system allows traveler to book the autos online. A individual does non truly hold to travel through all this type of issues as a individual will be acquiring the auto every bit shortly as he or she arrives.

Research Aims & A ; Aims

4.1 Purposes

To make an online system, that will let travelers to easy lease a auto.

It will besides let user to choose the auto harmonizing to their demand and compare it with other options of autos.

Make it easy for a traveller to return the auto on distant locations.

Solving the manual programming job as every dealing will be done online.

4.2 Aims

Is to make a dependable web base online system on which user can entree utilizing cyberspace from anyplace.

To utilize package tools in execution, this will assist in implementing characteristics for easy entree.

Allow system users to take part in the early phases of development so the result will be user oriented.

Research Questions

There are two classs in which the research worker has classified the inquiries.

5.1 Domain research Questions

How the system will assist in auto programming?

How the system will impact the operation of the leasing company?

How the proposed system is different from bing systems?

How to incorporate on-line payments by recognition cards?

5.2 Technical research inquiry

Which scripting linguistic communication can be used for the proposed system?

Which data base system can be used for the proposed system?

How the different characteristic can be implemented into the system?

Which web authoring package can suits best of the system?

Research Design

6.1 Domain Research

The research in sphere research will be conducted from literature beginning like diary, eBooks, white documents and library books. Furthermore research will be done by utilizing on-line resources such as IEEE Xplore, Google Scholar and my Athinais.

6.2 Technical research

Chiefly Web resources such as eBooks and diary will be used in carry oning proficient research.

Research Plan

Personal Contemplation

7.1 Facts happening Methods

The fact happening method which the research worker will utilize is questionnaire and interview fact happen methods. Questionnaires are nonsubjective and will make excessively many respondents which will supply research worker with sufficient information for accurate analysis. On the other manus the interview method will let the research worker to acquire deep apprehension about the subject country.

7.2 Restrictions

Like every system have some restriction, in order to roll up informations and questionnaire from traveler during the development will be hard and their engagement is non possible so this affair can be overcome by utilizing societal webs and other web application to take questionnaire before or in the early phases of the system development

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