We Can Change The World Essay

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Our team has chosen to define the following words in the topic: one man, can, change and world. The term one man is seen as a single, individual human being; can is defined as to have the capacity to; change can be described as to influence the future course of events different to what it is or would have been if left alone, and world being the majority of humanity that live on Earth.

Therefore we take the topic to mean that a single, individual human being has the capacity to influence the future course of events different to what It Is or would have been If left lone for the majority of humanity that live on Earth.

We believe that this deflation Is reasonable and In the split of the topic.

The split we’ve chosen for tonight’s debate Is social and political. As first speaker, I will be focusing on the bigger picture of the topic and how this affects society as a whole. Tonight, my main arguments will focus on: the humanitarian Mother Teresa, a more infamous Osama Bin Lading, and he concept of the butterfly effect. Our second speaker will look at America’s Barack Obama, Ian Frazer and the Guardrails vaccine, and Fred Hollows.

Through this our team ill use Justified and recent examples to prove to you how one man can change the world.

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As she once said herself, “Do not wait for world leaders; do it alone, person to person”. This is the very idea that we, as the affirmative team, is putting to you tonight- we all have the capacity to make great change, as Mother Teresa has. This previous point shows how wonderfully a single person can change the world but with there has to be a balance of good and evil In the world, one such evil goes by the name of Osama bal Laden.

One Man Can Save The World

I’m sure all of you remember that day where, crammed all wrought the news, was a report of two planes flying into the Twin Towers: many of you would’ve stared at the TV in shock thinking; no, no way… It’s all a hoax, it’s just like the War of the Worlds all over again. Then reality struck, this was all true, all these people really had died from some freak crash. Then a second plane, way too much to be a coincidence, so you think what sort of horrible person could do THIS, kill so many innocent unmans?

Born in 1 957 Osama bin Laden grew up to become the leader of the worlds’ most notorious terrorist organization, al Qaeda, provoking the former resident of the USA to declare war on an idea itself, the simple idea of terrorism. Bin Laden was empowered with the ability to manifest people’s passion Into change and action and making the global community fear things they once did not even realism existed. Now before we go on a flight, we have that fear that maybe our destination Is death; maybe the man slating next to you has a bomb In his suitcase, the imagination can run loose on these possibilities.

Osama bin Laden has also change collects perception AT Meme Eastern people, won are now Dealing increasingly prejudiced against. People are yet again Judged by their outer looks and discrimination is again in action which is ridiculous in this 21st century globalizes world. The Middle East produces some of the worlds’ finest sports people, thinkers and diverse cultures, to simply think that one man puts this positive image into one of global distrust and discrimination.

Extremists like bin Laden, Hitler and Robert Manage have the powerful ability to change the world for the worse, undoing all the great achievements humanity itself has made with a single action. Ladies and gentlemen, a story goes like this, if a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the world, here will be a hurricane on the other side; this describes the butterfly effect chaos theory. This is the theory that a single action, no matter how small it is, is a trigger that will lead to bigger incidences that eventually will turn from the small butterfly flap to a huge hurricane.

This theory can also be applied to this debate as it only takes one persuasive person to push the first domino in the line. Both Mother Teresa and Osama bin Laden only made the world the way it is because of their reservation and beliefs; they were the catalysts who started the chain reaction. The affirmative am is saying to you that we can’t Just expect to sit on our hands and let the world pass by; hoping that everything will be fine because it won’t, each one of us has the power to change the world.

In summary ladies and gentlemen, Eve presented to you relevant and recent examples, firstly relating to Mother Teresa and how she actively made a great change in the world we live in by helping those of ill-health and less fortunate. Showing how no matter where your origins lie, as long as you are willing to persevere and if you truly believe your cause then you can achieve those things. Secondly I gave a more sombrero example but certainly one that we can all relate to and have seen the changes of.

Such a recent and influential example is one hard to forget, the aftermath of al Qaeda and ultimately Osama bin Alden’s terrorist attacks still resound. There is no doubt that this event has shaped and changed the world we live in, all because of the choices of an individual. Lastly Eve shown you how the Butterfly Effect theory is one that can prove how it only takes a single man to change things forever. Using this, Eve shown how one man can change the world. I’d like to hare with you a story I recently heard to end with.

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We Can Change The World Essay
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