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“On your knees do not get up” Review Paper

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Essay on “On your knees do not get up”

“The privilege of hatred»

A small booklet, published in paperback by the publishing house of political literature in 1992, a circulation of 15 thousand., Was “designed” as modestly noted in his review, “to those who are interested in the political history of our country.” The phrase “political history” extraordinarily accurate. In fact, Substantiality definition policy – this is exactly the social activity, which is no other than the class relations of the company

It is clear that neither the history of class relations, nor their study can not be. indifferent by this relationship, but this is only one side. On the other – can tell a lot “for those interested in” their content. The emergence of this literature – the phenomenon is always “extraordinary” – unique and rare, worthy of attention, effort, apparently, as an exception only in the most critical periods of changing forms of political domination in the country, and more specifically, changing forms of Russian politarizma in 1991-1993, (what politarizm – see review.)

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However, the content of the class relations in general and relations politarnyh, in particular, is almost never the exception of periods of revolutionary upheaval is not “on the surface.”. Moreover, carefully hidden ideological attendants power because, as you know, is always “oppressing classes need to safeguard their rule of two social functions: the function of the hangman and the function priest” (VI Lenin, Collected Works Full T… .26. p.237).

In addition to several articles of political biography MN Ryutin, the book was first published two stunning revelations of their document:

1) “Stalin and the crisis of the proletarian dictatorship” – the so-called Ryutin platform (see here.);

2) “All members of the CPSU (b)” – a manifesto Union Conference “Union of Marxist-Leninists»

Their author – Martemyan Ryutin. .

Both documents are vivid descriptions and denunciations politarnyh reality of class relations of the Russian society caught in the late 20’s and early 30-ies. “Fever” nomination IV Stalin’s unlimited, uncontrolled power, and to the dealership just formed party-bureaucratic hierarchy – a huge (several hundred thousand) is already on the scale of the party nomenklatura system (Class politaristov in the modern theory):

«lies and slander, shootings and arrests, guns and machine guns, in all ways and means they will defend their dominance in the party and the country, because they see them as their patrimony »,

– clearly stated in the second of these documents –

«Politburo, the Presidium of the Central Control Commission, secretaries regional committees as a result of the changes in the life of the party and the “18 Brumaire Stalin” turned into a gang of unscrupulous, have become a hopeless liar and cowardly politicians, and Stalin – in an unlimited and irremovable dictator exhibiting ten times more blunt arbitrariness, tyranny and violence against the masses than any autocratic monarchy. …

Stalin and his clique did not go away and can not voluntarily withdraw from their seats, so they must be eliminated by force “(ibid).

August 21, 1932 in the village of Golovino under Moscow held a meeting of a small group of like-minded, having heard the report of the MN Ryutin “Party crisis and the proletarian dictatorship.” After discussion, the report was laid in the foundation of the platform adopted by the organization, by a suggestion Ryutin was decided to name “Union of Marxist-Leninists.” Many of those present were of a like-minded group, whose views are represented at this meeting conference. The text of the appeal “to all members of the party” met then the majority of the teachers of the Institute of Red Professors (AN Slepkov, DP Marecki, YE Stan, PG Petrovsky, and others.) And former leaders of the united opposition. Circle familiar with the document on a “read – refer a friend” increased rapidly

September 22 Rutin was arrested.. In the case of the organization was held about 50 people. Almost all have been expelled from the party. Ryutin fate was decided at the meeting of the Politburo, where the Secretary General demanded the execution of the author’s platform “Union of Marxist-Leninists.” But in 1932, members of the Politburo – the party oligarchs – not allowed Stalin to make a political punishment and the death penalty against Honored the party at that time still was not used. However, later, the murder of SM Kirov Stalin unleashed his hands and allowed to take the course at the physical destruction of the Leninist Party Guard. Stalin personally met with convicts, the promise of life in exchange for pleading guilty and after the confession … followed the death sentence and the bloody tragedy. No similar transactions with Rutin, protesting against the very methods of investigation (even resorted to a 20 day hunger strike!), Concluded it was not possible. Its preparation for show trials was thwarted. 10th January 1938 held a closed trial, which lasted 40 minutes and a half hour Martemyan Nikitich was shot

Civil pathos Riutin platform -. A comprehensive denunciation of Stalin and his politics, as politicians leading the country to an economic and political disaster . Here are just some of the many Riutin denunciation of Stalin’s despotism:

«Lenin was the leader, but he was not a dictator; Stalin, on the contrary, is a dictator, but not a leader. … Stalin never was a real, authentic leader »

« unprincipled politician and the sophist, cook dirty cooking … with regard to the conditions of the Soviet Union -. This is a moral and political complexion of Stalin »

«! … agriculture is experiencing a catastrophe. … phony Potemkin “successes” of collectivization were achieved due to the incredible terror against the bulk of the village, that there was a wave of unprecedented peasant revolts of the middle peasant, poor peasant masses, rebellions which in many cases involved members of the party and Komsomol, uprisings, which sometimes led members party since 1918, and in one case even a district commissioner OGPU. Only major uprisings with thousands of participants each during this period of the Soviet Union was more than 500 and smaller and even more ».

« … there are 400-500 thousand. Unemployed in the latent form of the Soviet Union (Stalin is fraudulent way and hide will hide, because he’s unemployment eliminated). Over the next 1-2 years, unemployment will cover at least 2-2.5 million. Workers. »

« Socialist construction, Stalin turned to the construction of the pharaoh. … Building on the bones of the workers and working on poverty, on the robbery of the masses and violence against them – not a genuine socialist construction »

« Stalin proletarian dictatorship and socialist construction, according to their actual content, to a great extent already. destroyed. »

« Genuine Leninism is now moved into hiding, is forbidden teachings ».

« Construction of Pharaoh “and was building politarnogo, or rather, industro- or otherwise neopolitarnogo society in Russia. Deep theoretical pathos platform – the prophecy come true collapse of the proletarian dictatorship of the state and the transfer of power into the hands of unscrupulous officials, appointees, soldered relations of personal loyalty despot-politarhu. And even historic importance historiosophical Riutin documents is that they open up for us the most important historical metaphor: the first in the organized political struggle with neopolitarizmom stood his real political antipodes – the revolutionary Marxists, Leninists. Those who for decades our agitprop carefully showered “lies and slander”, those who have used and enjoyed by the powers that be and indulge them subservient to ideological sole exclusive right and without hypocrisy, “the privilege of hatred” (MA Lifshitz) <. / p>

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