Olympics - The Ultimate Sports Competition

Sporting competition is a contest that aims to improve physical ability and skills while providing enjoyment to participants and in some cases, entertainment for spectators. Over the years, international sports competition gains its popularity. With this, many countries are vying for the honor to be the host of such prestigious event. However, there are advantages and drawbacks in hosting a global sporting competition.

The first thing to consider is the investment the host country would gain. There are long-term investments but there are also short-term use investments at hand.

For long term investments, countries hosting international competition like the Olympic Games tend to build infrastructure in preparation for the said event thus resulting to finer facilities that leaves a lasting legacy for residents. An example of this is the transport system in the East London. The transport system paved way for more improved and managed traffic system of the place. However, numerous of amenities built for the Olympics can never be fully used once more.

A great illustration would be the athletic stadium wherein it would rarely be full outside of the Olympics. After the competition, it will be abandoned and rarely used not until the said country will host the sporting competition again.

Also, hosting major competition would make the city gains publicity although it puts the people and the country in jeopardy. Hosting international events makes the host country the centre of attention and these events bring prestige and honour to the country. Host countries would have the opportunity to promote their city therefore attracting tourists and investors to visit their place.

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On the contrary, it jeopardizes the hosting country’s security by being the point of interest of the terrorists. Olympics is a major event so there would be loads of people across the globe who would like to witness the event.

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Olympics - The Ultimate Sports Competition
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