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Oedipus the King Essay

Every man's life is destined.Some men are told and some are left to discover on their own.Oedipus was one of the few who was told and he took it upon himself to take his fate into his own hands.In the gods eyes, this was a major attack upon them, and justifiably so.In Oedipus the King, Sophocles justifies the gods' actions by dramatizing the effects of Oedipus choices to avoid his god-given predestined fate.Once Oedipus made the decision to avoid his fate, the gods then decided to punish him for his disrespect by altering his fate to a much more painful and miserable existence.
The gods made a lot of prophecies that led to the Oedipus's downfall.All of these doings by the gods is what changed his fate.The gods, for instance, sent down the sphinx, and guided Oedipus to answer the riddle correctly.Just as they steered Teiresias away from the correct answer to the riddle or the ability to detect the killer.Apollo was the one to set this whole disaster up by telling Oedipus to "find the killer."These are the cruel acts of the gods, who are punishing Oedipus for his attempt to escape his fate in thefirst place.This just goes to show that the gods are ones to be respected and they're there to almost keep a certain order about things.
The real tragedy in the play is the harsh reality that Oedipus comes to learn after this long journey that has ended with pain and suffering. I believe that once Oedipus decided to try and escape the fate that has already been laid out for him, the gods decided to make an example out of him.There are certain choices that in everyone must make sooner or later in their life that will alter their existence forever.This just happened to be the time for Oedipus to make that decision.His problems with knowledge also aided in his poor decision.Those who think that they know everything or too much usually are the ones who do not know enough or have …

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