"Nowhere in Africa" Review

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The following sample essay on “Nowhere in Africa” Review tells about Jews and Redlich family.

In the umpteenth time I come across a book about the fate of the Jews in the time of fascism. This time the focus was Stephanie Zweig novel “Nowhere in Africa».

When I bought this work, did not know about it. I was attracted by the author. And when I started to read the first pages of history imbued Walter Yettel and their daughter Regina. These people betrayed the native land.

They lived in Germany and loved this country, until one day she was not taken away from them all. Began the persecution of the Jews, and to survive, Redlich family had to quickly look for a new home, as if afraid not heard these words.

In the end, really I found a land that was ready to accept people who have lost homes and help them, but … If a small Regina once enthusiastically adopted the new country, which became a real homeland for her, her parents was not easy.

In Germany, they left loved ones and part of his soul. Get used to the new life it was much more difficult. If Regina’s life began just here in Africa, her parents lost their homeland, language, everything that treasured all my life.

Once again, the tragic story of a family that suffered from fascism fascinated me. I have read and thought about what the horror experienced by our ancestors and what they were doing for the sake of a prosperous life of future generations.

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It is terrible even to think that such a terrible tragedy when something could happen again.

In short, Stephanie Zweig did not disappoint me, although I confess that at times it was a bit boring, but it’s stuff. I know that the film was shot on this book. Now really I want to see it. A novel “Nowhere in Africa” ​​has taken a worthy place on the shelves of my memory.

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"Nowhere in Africa" Review
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