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Novel Summary – Of Mice and Men Essay

Essay Topic:

Summary of “Of mice and men”

The story of “Of mice and men” starts by the side of a river in rural California. The two main characters of this story are: Lennie who’s big sized and clumsy, and George who is skinny and small yet a very smart fellow. As the story continues, we find out that George is looking after Lennie since the latter is mentally disabled. The reason why they are at that place is because they were heading to a ranch to work in it, but the driver of the bus which they were taking dropped them before they reached that ranch. George finds out that Lennie was holding a dead mouse all that time, so he takes it from him and throws it away, and Lennie responds by explaining that he just wanted to pet it. George warns him not to do these sorts of things when they reach the ranch. After that, Lennie brings back the dead mouse, when George discovers that he throws it again. After that we find out that Lennie’s aunt used to give him mice to pet, yet he used to end up killing them since he loses control of his strength when it comes to soft things. As they start eating, Lennie says he wants some ketchup, and then George explodes and starts complaining about being stuck with Lennie. In addition to that he says that it was because of Lennie that they were chased out of Weed since he stroked the soft tissue of a girl’s dress and refused to leave it. Hence, people thought he violated her, and that’s why George and Lennie escaped. George then calms down, and apologizes to Lennie by telling him his favourite story about their future plans, and tells him that if he ever faces a problem he should return to the place where they are spending the night.

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The following day, George and Lennie reached the bunkhouse of the ranch where they are going to work. An old one handed swamper named Candy welcomed them. When George asks about the boss, Candy says that he is nice even thou…

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