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Notting Hell Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Jane Austen

Essay on “Notting Hell”

No error, this is Notting- Hell, an original game author t.e.poluchaetsya instead hills -ad. The downside of living in a respectable area of ​​London.

We Meet Again, this is the real heavenly place- huge flourishing British gardens and scattered his little house, costing about US $ 2000000.

Clearly, since the novels of Jane Austen , Bronte sisters, Charles Dickens, Thackeray, British society has not changed. Changing attributes, but the basic foundations of the unwritten rules of the game remain the same. What does it take to be a strong player in it? The answer is simple – the money, and the more, the better

The book is rather problematic book, somewhat similar to O. Robski, but it is much deeper in Robski show off cheap, I bought a series of sheets of X allotment. skirt from Y, etc., from the British lady showing off some, it is much more elegant, deep, arrogant. Not to lose face in front of the neighbors, a smile to those who a moment ago you were mixed with mud. In general, someone who, as the British have mastered the ins and outs of this obscheniya.Itak, Notting Hill, for whom this is the place can be paradise for someone to hell.

Notting Hell Book

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The story in the book is on behalf of two women.

Claire, elegant lady, landscape designer, she is about 40, has a wealth, idiot husband, concurrently fashionable architect, her only desire, bright to have a baby. T.k.dlya it is a problem -Children already perceived as a fashionable attribute, they are a constant source of envy and irritation. Ever look at her friend’s husband.

But, in Notting Hill feels like an equal among equals, very comfortable.

The second woman, Mimi, journalist, petty bourgeois by nature, has three children, stupid husband does not want to go all out to fit round the neighbors, but their family is like wealth, and went home to her husband inherited, he wants to go out of this place, t.k.sosedey perceived as boring people, and what to say, well, can not afford their dwelling there. All books, MNH Mum Notting Hill gossip, waging war with true British stiffness, litsezreyut husbands infidelity, change themselves, and so goes their whole life. Such things sweet, cloying snake swamp.

The author managed not to describe all the bad, to demonstrate convincingly diligently. Those. to pass the book is not bad. What’s funny, recommends this book to the reading of Sofia Kinsella- say unequivocally, Johnson stars in the sky is not enough, but her book is a cut above effusions Kinsella. Those. it is still a vital book, realistic, and not pustovat shopogolichesky novel

To approach this book and can be exciting:.

1) you being a female;

2) you need to have experience of family life than experience more – the more chances you have to experience this book;

3) the older you -Theme better. Heroines both under forty. Here it is necessary to experience

psychology fading women, their inability and unwillingness to leave the track. On its own it is difficult to say, because I train so far, due to their age advocate hirurgichesie operation called razvod- if something goes wrong and there is already tak no,

age, wealth, children … < / p>

Under these conditions – like the book. It is very realistic, is the age-old problems. The moral of this book is this: everyone cricket – stick to his last

In general, the impressions of the book are mixed, the case where the psychology of both characters were not close to me.. I think it’s all the same features of different mentality.

It seems all we seem to be so few different …

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This sample essay is completed by Harper, a Social Sciences student. She studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. All the content of this paper is just her opinion on Notting Hell and should not be seen as the way of presenting the arguments.

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