Chris Cunningham Case

He has good qualities. This could be done by refusing him new clients, giving him a performance review, making public high level disapproval of his tactics. Tie production to consumption. Make it clear to Chris that his income will be affected if he continues. Following this point, Opponent urged consideration of why Chris finds it so easy to influence production. He has close personal ties to Mrs.. Stoves. Staff are probably gossiping about favoritism, adding to resentment. 2. Mention a possible career path to sales director, and the need to change his behavior if he wants such promotion.

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Some students perceived this as apparently rewarding undesirable behavior. Opponent pointed out that, as Chris works on commission, his behavior is already rewarding him. 3. In tackling this herself Mrs.. Stoves is undermining the sales director. There’s a problem with the organizational structure. 360 degree feedback should be employed to get other people’s perceptions of Chrism’s behavior.

We want Chris to honor lines of authority. 4. Focus on head of production. Give him more prestige, perhaps Chris should report to him. 5.

Problem with production – maybe not enough, so build up inventory, and reduction capacity, outsource. 6. Problem with sales director, only a figure head. Give him the power to solve problem. 7. Fire Chris. Opponent made the point that all of these actions would destroy Chrism’s productivity! However, Chrism’s sales are not the same thing as the company profitability, even if he thinks they are the same. What is his behavior costing the company? Not only in money, but in human relationships.

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Citing a toy company he had advised in LA, Opponent said that this question may not be one that the accounting department could answer.

He also mentioned the Japanese solution to this problem, which would be to job-rotate Chris to work in production. However, all his experience is in sales, due to the divided structure of the company. Another set of actions was proposed by the students: 1 . Bring in ‘just-in-time’ so that production will be flexible enough to meet Chrism’s needs. Change organization to support Chris-type salespeople. 2. Rank customers by profit they bring and prioritize production accordingly. Therefore, 2 main options: Restrain Chris, and change organization to do dhal r use him as he is and change organization to support him.

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