Not After Midnight Analysis

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This book – a collection of small stories magnificent largest post-war novelist Daphne du Maurier. Under the charm and fascination of style and subjects was even known horor-A.Hichkok director, who directed 2 films for her stories, one of which is under this cover – “The Birds”. Start fascinating description Cornish countryside and what he sees years: land “fat and black,” “restless” bird. But the story itself does not cause trembling at the knees if you have already thought about it. Here describes the everyday life of disabled war Hokena and sudden attack of birds in their area.

No terror. There are not understanding, why it suddenly ?, have experience over there ?, is the thought of the prophecy, the man is to blame for this?

Du Maurier allows, without looking up from his reading, drawing unprecedented divnosti picture in the imagination. Intricate plot strikes the imagination, but it can not be called fantastkoy … it have something attractive that makes reading and admiring texts. I am inclined to think that it vivid characters and situations in which it is administered, and the hero, and the reader, and not just the ability to talk, but not without it.

Especially memorable stories “Little Photographer”, “Apple “” Alibi “, they touch their depth and accurate insight into the thoughts of others, and of course a special look at the life of the writer itself. Well, no, actually, you could see in the apple, dried apple, deceased wife of his neighbor, for example?)

Still want to mention an excellent article “The ordinariness and mystery” of G.

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Andzhaparidze du Mary and this collection. She wrote simply and to the point on each of the stories and at the same time not disregarded its analysis and historical context.

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Not After Midnight Analysis
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