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“Nostalgia for the black magic” Review Paper

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Essay on “Nostalgia for the black magic”

I do not like the theme of the Apocalypse. In life and so many problems that even on this occasion a lot of thinking. I’m not inclined to be subjected to mass psychosis about it and very skeptical of many movies, books, predictions on this subject. What can be … Therefore, even myself I can not answer the question that I was interested in this book. When I received it (to order it through the Internet), then again after reading the summary, even he felt sad: this book I hardly read, it’s not mine. But when I started to read … I can not say that I felt delight or horror of reading. Even difficult to formulate the range of feelings that I experienced while reading. First of all, I will say that the book is clever, it is written, of course, very interesting, educated writer. It a huge reservoir of metaphors, allusions, refers us to the culture of our civilization: the myths, the Bible, to contemporary literature. Therefore, the reader is better read, the more interesting will be the book for him. In addition, it is written is not boring, boring language, easy to read (especially the first book), if the word “easy” in general can be applied to the book, which tells about the destruction of the world.

So, to represent the end of light on Revaleku , you need to forget what we have shown in the acclaimed film recently about the end of the world. In his version, none of this would be: the world does not break down in a few hours, like a cardboard box (the physical world is much stronger than tipped), and “Noah’s Ark” will be saved is not the best part of it. And his version of me closer. It would be too easy if everything happened as in the film. In “Nostalgia for the Black Magic” is different. Nothing strikes our fancy. Nothing is at odds with our sophisticated brain that if someone secretly preparing for this event. First, terrible heat. Then go heavy rains. Are you surprised? And I was not surprised. This is talking all the media. I have the first two books have the impression that I watched the news this week. Flooding, fires, riots, sudden cooling, again pogroms. Hysteria sectarians ready for the idea to tear apart the baby. Experiments military against the civilian population, mutants (or is it a monster, or is it biblical characters – we still do not surprise them: why not settle Leviathan under the Eiffel Tower?). Enormous genetic catalogs, which included almost all of inhabiting the planet. Nothing happens beyond that, what we are internally ready. Only the dead are sometimes here and there are seen in the streets torn city. But worse are just living that turn into monsters more terrifying Leviathan. They do not just rob and kill, they refined rape old women, women and children defecating on their fragile body in convulsions. Natural disaster manifests in people basest feelings. It breaks into pieces all the usual ideas about the world, not only blurs the scope of causal, but the space-time relationship. Sami outlines the “I” becomes blurred, and the hero is constantly talking about the blurring and is not certain of his “I”, of expanding its own identity. And inadvertently pose the question: what do we die from natural and civilization disasters, or from themselves, from that abomination that lurks within us (sometimes unconsciously)? Or we have no choice, and mankind is really cornered?

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In the novel, the enemy is always present in various guises (since the “elixir of Satan” Hoffmann I had not read anything like it!). And through all of the story is the idea that “death comes from the depths of the” I “,” the enemy is not on the outside, but inside, in a secret “I am.” The third book I am personally and leads to this, alas, joyless conclusion. The world is not sunk into oblivion, something that was left of him. For example, in the castle of Chambord created the New Kingdom, which is headed by the king Obsul addict holding a terrified everyone. That, and his court, the multitude of monsters both literally and figuratively. . A new world is so terrible that even the gods came to die among people

The novel ends with optimistic (?): The hero, the artist, escaping from Chambord, observes that “the weather is getting better,” and he was “in the end … still alive”. But personally I have optimistic feelings towards the end of the novel does not remain at all. There was only about physical fatigue from the fact that the hero is experiencing.

P.S I think that the book later re-read, it is very much important, that does not appear at the first reading.

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