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“Nobrow. Marketing Culture. Cultural Marketing” Review Paper

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Essay on “Nobrow. Marketing Culture. Cultural Marketing”

John Seabrook – journalist, author of publications such as GQ, Vanity Fair, New-Yorker tells how to build a modern hierarchy of aesthetic values. Or rather, as the mixed levels of these hierarchies as low was high and high lost former authority. Why Eminem and Rembrandt are about the same, and bad if it or logical

Perhaps the most meaningful and fully reflect the opinions of the author, is the third chapter with the telling title: “From the aristocracy to the supermarket” – the remaining chapters only confirm the main points <. / p>

The book is interesting and easy to read. Seabrook from the first page takes the reader into circulation positioning that broadcasts on their culturological thinking along the way leading us through the streets of New York, says that is happening around, recalls its formation in journalism – but expertly uses every interesting story as illustrative material. In the second part, the author nevertheless increasingly move to the field of theoretical calculations and schemes, but the reader is already on the hook.

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Personally, I especially interesting, show underlying theme of the book, on the basis of which the Seabrook and build many of their reasoning – history log of reforming the New-Yorker – the sign of the American edition, form the “aristocracy of the middle class” and transformed into a snobbish gloss of elitism masskulturnogo in an environment where you need to publication was to survive

Unfortunately, the book entirely on the Internet. I am nen Ashely, but the passage can be read in a magazine Hall.

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