Nintendo Analysis

Analysis Suppliers: Companies being the developers of their own video games become the suppliers themselves. The augmented products used in the development of these games may include cad’s, hard disks, electronic components, software?s, game writers, packaging of the consoles, printing of manuals and additional features like graphics etc to make the games more popular. Distributors: Distributors play a vital role in the video game industry.

They include the local store distributors and now days the online distributors too who have major undistributed to the video game industry.

However it is essential to know the potential distributors of video games as some might just act as middlemen to make profits. Customers: The individuals playing video games comprise an increasingly large and definition-defying group. According to the Entertainment Software Association, the average gamer is 35 years old and has been playing for 13 years. Incidentally, there are more gamers than non-gamers in the U. S. Population almost half of which are female. Today’s video game players include a diverse segment of students, employees, military troops, seniors, others and fathers who have driven the evolution of games into new territory.

Nintendo Industry Analysis

The first gamers have grown up, started families and included their children and parents in the fun, multiplying the pool of multi-generational gamers exponentially. As the population of gamers has expanded, market forces have driven game developers to make games more accessible to this new, diverse audience. Competitors: Sony and Microsoft are the major competitors of Nintendo. Sony has about 70% share in the market with Nintendo and Microsoft commanding rest of the market.

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Nintendo continues to be the market leader in the hand video games and is able to maintain a low price in the hardware. It and has a good reputation for maintaining healthy relationship with outside parties. The other small players like Gear Veined and Universal Games, concentrate mainly on Arcade games, which are not a major threat to Nintendo. In general, the company offering good graphics games at competitive prices can become a leader in the gaming sector. But at the same time, it should also come up with newer products by carefully analyzing the changing requirements of the users.

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Nintendo Analysis
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