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NIKKEI is an America company which is headquartered in the Portland metropolitan area. NIKKEI original know as Blue Ribbon Sport (BRB), it was found by University of Oregon in January 1 964 as a distributed and officially became Nikkei in 1978. NIKKEI produces a wide range of sport equipment- specially footwear products. Their first products is track running shoes.

They sell an assortment of product to activities as football, running… Nikkei also well know and popular in youth cultural and hip hop cultural for their supplying Of urban fashion clothing. In December 201 3, the profit of Nikkei shoes increase to 13 percent, proportional to $10. 4 billion.

Nikkei has contract with more than 700 shops in around the world and 45 country outside the United State. Internal source of marketing information Four sources of internal marketing data: 1. Leadership’s effectiveness(Phil Knight) Relevance: High: Phil Knight, known as the CEO of Nikkei shoes, has a great identity association.

He always want Nikkei to win, his sacrifice, genuine love, and endless passion towards this brand is effectiveness on his employee, workers. Timeline and currency/accuracy: High. Phil Knight is an open mind person. He always update his new ideas and isn’t conservative. 2. Feedback from customer via opinion surveys:

Nike Supply And Demand Analysis

Relevance: High. Nikkei provides to customers what information they need. Therefore, the customers satisfied with that. Timeline: High.

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Nikkei can collect customers comment and feedback quickly and easily. Accuracy/currency: Medium. The currency can be right but the accuracy isn’t really right because of they may just have an answer quickly but not really care about it’s right or wrong. Reliability: Medium. The qualitative is answered to find the problems. The answer would be common and not really useful because Of perfunctory answers. 3. Accounting and Income Statement Relevance: High. It makes decision for the recently sales activities.

Help to make marketing plan Timeline: High. Up to date information, monthly report and yearly income statement Currency/accuracy: High. Using numerical to prove its accurate Cost-effectiveness: High. Easy to provides and prove the information data. Reliability. High. Sing report, data, and number. 4. Distributors Relevance: High. The main places provide products and perform the sales activities. Timeline: High. Keeping update the new styles Cost-effectiveness: Medium. High commission. External sources of marketing information Four sources of marketing information: 1. Market intelligence reports: Relevance and timeline: High.

Have enough conditions to make a market intelligence report. Currency/accuracy: High. The report are currency. Data and numerical are used to prove its accurate Cost-effectiveness: high. Cheap to write a market intelligence report Reliability: High. It has showed the data and enough information for a market intelligence report. 2. Competitor’s activities: Relevance: High. The change in quality, price… Of competitors product is directly effect on our company. Currency/accuracy: Medium. The current information doesn’t show that, it just can be hear when the competitors had changed. Cost-effectiveness: High.

It make a change in cost of sale and erectly effect on the company. 3. Economics changes Relevance: Medium. The change in economic is effect to Nines organization but the demand of sport is still going on. 4. Legal/Political: Relevance: High. All the rule and ethical have to follow the local legal/political. Currency/accuracy: It has to follow all the time. Internal Influence Nikkei has a brand prestige especially among athletes and sport person. This company which later became a brand was started by Bill Borrower and Phil Knight as they were able to make out that there was a problem in the sports and athletes appearance.

Since it was not that early to say for them “bringing wow fingers together”, they manufactured/created their goods on the basis of some special criteria. And as co-founder Bill Borrower once said, “If you have a body, you are an athlete”. Jumping on to the current situation/market, Nikkei is one of the finest brand which manufactures sports goods. Nikkei is the largest seller of athletic footwear and apparel in the world. It employs more than 33,000 people, internationally. Nikkei sells products in more than 180 countries around the world; it reported revenues of $19. 2 billion for the fiscal year ending May 31, 2009.

Nikkei designs and sells products in three main product lines; footwear, apparel and equipment. The products are manufactured in approximately 600 contracted factories in 46 countries around the globe. Nine’s mission statement is to bring the inspiration and innovation for every athlete in this world. Apparently, Nikkei has become world’s leading innovator in athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories. Internal influences for Nikkei are pointed and described below: 1. Product: Nikkei has a large diversity in sportswear and products. Their targeted mass is sport and athlete people.

They are pretty much focused on their quality of goods what they manufacture. Nikkei deals With the issues and concerns regarding their products by obeying its customer centric strategy. They have a quite descent return and exchange policies. 2. Management: The management of the Nikkei brand is really customer focused. Nikkei has more than 30,000 employees in 170 countries. With leadership positions in established markets like the U. S. And the Western Europe and in the emerging markets like China and Brazil, the management believes that they have tremendous and unique area to grow.

They often give recognition to its employees for outstanding work. 3. Location: As mentioned above Nikkei is present in more than 1 70 countries. They believe in disrupting the distances between them and the customers. Apparently, Nikkei is emerging as one of the stupendous sportswear in the Asian market too. Since they are providing really an effective service, soon they would be becoming the top company of sportswear. External Influence External influence for Nikkei are pointed and described below: 1. Economical: In the world, the economy experience economics cycles.

These cycles include booms and busts because economy experience higher level of the employment. They may be so confident in their sales that they may increase the price of the items to gets more profits. . Competitors: As we know in the modern era, competitions levels are increasing day by day. These competitive situations consumers because with competitions in a market there will be a greater range of goods for consumers. Its goods for the customers because they get more variety of the choice they want goods or service. 3.

Governments: As we know these are three levels of the government which are federal, state and local. 4. Federal government deals mainly important part such as tax, they can see taxes are being paid and also checks to the business are running in according to the customs regulations. . States government deal with lower case issues such as workers’ rights and responsibilities such as oral history society requirements and making sure business are according by the state laws. 6. Social influence: social influence is playing vital role in our business.

For examples: time goes on peoples taste in the fashion and trends will change. In the others hand business makes more profit because they lunched new fashions and trends. Promoting ethic and social responsible Ethical Marketer Behavior To promote the ethical marketing behavior in our Nikkei shoe company we enact a rewards system. For example- when an employee acts or do work ethically even at a personal cost then we give him/her a reward. In return it will help us because through this we motivate the employees and through motivation they give their best to their work for getting reward.

Secondly, it also helps in increasing employment sector, more and more employees want to work in our organization. Socially marketing behavior Every organization have responsibility toward society, and our organization also have like our organization do the production of shoes and for its production there is need of machines to make the cotton or stuff for shoe which may affect environment, as we have responsibility toward society so we ignore the machines and get more and more work by employees.

It will help in our organization to get good reputation in society by providing more employment and by having environment friendly relation, and because of this the customers get attracted and our sales of shoes increase. Consumer Behavior First of all we should know the meaning of consumer behavior-it is the study of individual or organization and the processes they use to secure or satisfy the needs and these have the impact on consumer and society. Every consumer want to satisfy his/her desire. As we know that today everyone want to show themselves by wearing branded and good quality of clothes, shoes etc.

Our organization attract the customers by the quality and by the marketing schemes. Consumers help the firm to improve the marketing strategies. The use of social responsibility initiatives to influence consumers has become common. The growing body of marketing manipulates the consumer’s perceptions of motivation and social initiatives. The marketing scheme influence a lot to buyer, our marketing scheme is that we give account, provide good customer service, and have the online site to buy our product. The prices of our Nikkei shoes are affordable, anyone can afford to buy this.

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