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Newton Lab Report Paper

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Procedures of experiment: All groups had to complete two types of labs. The first lab our group had to complete was completed like so: using a car one had to tie a piece of string approximately 80 centimeters in length to a toy car on a ramp. This string was then feed one top of a super frictionless wheel. The end of the rope that had the end nearest to the ground was tied off with a 0. Kilogram weight. The car was then pulled back by a participant until it reached 0. 8 meters and was let go. A second participant would then record the time it took for the car to reach the end of the ramp.

This was repeated a few times. One would add 0. 5 kilogram weight to the car and the time was then recorded in a similar fashion. These times would be recorded into a table and would be used as raw data. The second part of the lab was different in that: a group had to tie a small scale to opposite end of the rope where the weight was located. Immediately following that scale, one would then tie a toy car. After the toy car another scale would be attached; likewise another car would follow. One student would then pull the whole system back before the back end of the second car would touch the wall provided by the amp.

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Immediately after that student would release the system he and a second student would read the scales. Essentially, one student would have to read one scale and the other releasing would have to read one too. These force readings would be recorded in a table and would be used as raw data too. Ill. Summary of data: Each group had to determine the mass of each car before beginning each lab. Our group had found that both of our cars were 0. 261 kilograms. Additionally, group had to record the trail times for the first lab report like the following.

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