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Difference Between Chesapeake And New England Colonies Paper

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Even though the New England and Chesapeake regions were settled by people from the same country, they developed into very different societies because their original settlers were tremendously diverse. The Chesapeake region inclined more towards work and business, while the New England region was very family oriented. While the emigrants to the Chesapeake region came for financial reasons, the Puritans came to New England to run from religious persecution. And finally, the Chesapeake area was very unstable and under conflict while the North maintained law and order.

Emigrants to the Chesapeake settled primarily for financial reasons, and the Puritans settled the New England area for religious matters. As we know, the Puritans originally settled in the Mass. Bay Area Colony and believed they were on a mission from God. God almighty in his most holy and wise providence hath disposed…we must knit together in this and work as one man (doc. A). The Puritans believed that they were an example for the rest of the world and that the “eyes of all people are upon us”. Emigrants to the Chesapeake region moved for financial reasons, most likely being young, indentured servants. Some of them believed that there was a treasure of gold in the colonies. They dug gold, washed gold, refined old, and loaded gold (doc. F). The emigrants were usually young, around ages 19-30 (doc. C) looking for a means of financial gain.

Which Colonies Were In The Chesapeake Region

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Moving on, the Puritans of the New England area usually came to the New World with their entire families, while emigrants to the Chesapeake region were single, mostly young men. The Puritans hoped to establish communities in New England, thus they brought along their whole family. Joseph Hull, a minister, brought along his wife, 7 kids, and servants to the New World (doc. B). These people literally dug out their roots and planted them in the New World.

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