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New Echota-Cherokee Nation Capital Essay

For many years the hopes of the Cherokee Nation were reliant upon the existence of theirfirst national capital, New Echota. Today this historical site is located in Resaca, Georgia and houses an exhibit museum that is filled with many interesting artifacts discovered during the early 1950’s, as well as, an open outdoor museum of several restored buildings that represent how the town would have looked during that era.
Inside the visitor;s center is the exhibit museum. It tells the story of the Cherokee people. One of the exhibits is a wall on the ;Fire People;. This wall contains artifacts such as arrowheads, the Anestsa Cherokee Stickball, Cherokee marbles, a stone ax, a bow and arrow, and the types of skins the Cherokee wore for clothing. It was amazing to see how they made use of the natural resources Earth provided them.
Another exhibit is a wall that introduces the Cherokee to the American settlers. This exhibit describes some of the treaties that were signed between the Cherokee and the American Government. For example, the Treaty of 1819, where some four million acres of land in the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee were lost by the Cherokee to the U.S.! It also shows the gradual process of how the Cherokee learned many of the ways of the frontiersmen and by the 1830’s were living much like them. The Cherokee learned to farm and tilled their own land. One of the exhibits in the museum shows the types of tools the Indians received from the U.S. after the Treaty of Holston was signed. The Cherokee lived in small log cabins and had corn cribs, potato houses, stables and smokehouses. There were some Indians who owned their own stores, taverns and large plantations, and some even owned Negro slaves.
One of most outstanding achievements of the Cherokee was the development of their written alphabet. This feat was tackled by a Cherokee, named Sequoyah and took many years to finish. This new alphabet wa…

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