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Never Forgotten Essay

Abortion is a very touchy subject for most people. It is a political fight that has extremes from both opinions. While most stories are told from the aborted child's side, Gwendolyn Brooks', "the mother," comes from a woman's portrayal of the situation. The mother's portrayal is very good. It makes the readers feel, even for a second, the pain anddifficulty of the mother and her decision. Through this we can somewhat understand why or how someone would make this grueling decision. Although abortions are done for many different reasons, the children who are killed are never forgotten.
The speaker of this poem is the mother. This is an elegy to the unborn child. The poem is from the mother's point of view. In thefirst stanza, the mother seems to be telling the audience everything that she would never be able to do to the child. For example, the mother mentions that she will never neglect the child, nor be able to scuffle off ghosts that come. The second part is more her apology and her explanation on why she went through with having the abortion. She mentions that she stole their births and their names. The mother knows that what she did was wrong, but at the time she felt that there was no other option in the situation. She tells the children that although she only knew of them for a short time, before the abortion, she loved them and always will.
This poem uses many different types of language. The mother uses different ways to explain her feelings as well as the child itself. Brooks states "…damp small pulps with little or no hair," this is used to describe the child in the womb as it is developing into an infant. Another figure of speech Brooks uses, "…wind up a sucking thumb" is used to describe a mother taking a child's hand out of his/her mouth and tucking the thumb down to train the child not to suck their thumb. The mother also implies that she gave birth …

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