Necessity Never Made A Good Bargain

Necessity Never Made a Good Bargain John Steinbeck The Pearl is a story about a poor Indian, Kink, who finds a massive pearl. Kink plans to sell this pearl and pay for his son’s education. He also plans to have a wedding in the church. Kink needs this money. Therefore when he shows his pearl to the buyers, the buyers have complete control. Kink can only make as much as the buyers pay. The buyers are all working together, so Kink Is going to get cheated.

John Steinbeck once said, “l know this… A man got to do what he got to do” (www. Goodness. Com). Kink has to sell the pearl, because he needs the money.

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Since It Is necessary to sell the pearl, Kink must settle. Kink however does not settle and In the end he loses his son and throws the pearl back Into the water. Necessity proves no help to Kink and so he makes no money.

Pawn shops are handy when someone needs quick cash. Often people who go to a pawn shop are rather desperate for cash. Pawn shops use this to their advantage. People bring items in that the shop owner can purchase from them. The shop offers the seller a low price for the item they are trying to sell. In this situation “beggars can’t be choosers” (anonymous).

Most of the time the seller accepts the price and test ripped off However, they accept this, because they know they need the money and they have no other way to get it.

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Hotels have also caught on to this idea. They claim their hotel room mini bar is for the guest’s convenience; yet they make the prices of these items much higher than their value. People will get something out the mini bar when they need it. These people must pay the hotel twice as much simply because the item was a necessity. Necessity sometimes robs people, other times it is a good thing. When a soldier rushes onto the battle field, they need to be brave.

Time has roved that soldiers fight better when they fight for a cause they believe in. When the soldiers are fighting for something they want very badly or need, they have do not fear death. Caucus Saluting Crisps wrote a book about the war of Catalina in it he said, “Necessity makes even cowards brave” (Assault 58). When people need a revolution or change, they know they must fight for it. People who would not normally fight are now willing to risk their lives because they need the change. The slaves of Haiti were able to overthrow the French and British armies because they were not afraid. They needed to win the war or they would be killed.

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Necessity Never Made A Good Bargain
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