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NE Colonies vs. Chesapeake Essay

During the late 16th century to the 17th century, Europe colonized the New World (present day United States). England was especially one of the European countries who decided to settle in the eastern coast of North America.England sent numerous groups over to America, which settled in two main areas.The two main areas that England settled in were the Chesapeake and New England areas.Although similar in a few ways, the New England and Chesapeake colonies became distinct in separate ways due to the type of people who settled the regions and the way the land was settled. These values changed the two colonies in three main aspects; population, economical, and religious.
The Chesapeake region included Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.In about 1607 thefirst English colony was settled in America.The colony was called Jamestown, and was located along the James River.It was only inhabited by about 100 settlers.Of those settlers, almost all came looking to get rich quickly.Lead by domineering Capitan John Smith, only a few of them survived the harsh winter.Luckily, the Powhatan Indians taught the settlers about corn and tobacco growing.Without the Indians help the English may have never found their staple-crops.
The New England area included the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Plymouth, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.Countless Puritan Separatists set up here because they wanted to complete separation from Catholicism (that Henry VIII started the separation with the Church of England) and convert to Calvinism.Therefore, their motives were religious, unlike the economical ones of the Chesapeake region.The Puritans did not invest in staple crops like the Chesapeake area, instead the focused their time on different crafts (like carpentry and printing).
By 1700 the New England population was almost all English and white.It was almost all one race because New England was getting a reputation th…

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