Native American Literature Quiz

When did the Europeans arrive in North America?

How long had American Indians established tribes in North America?
thousands of years before. came to North America during the ice age

What were the first interactions like between Europeans and the American Indians?
peaceful friendship. consisted of trading

What did each culture contribute? What did each culture teach each other?
American Indians taught Europeans survival skills. American Indians acquired firearms, textiles, and steel tools from Europeans. The American Indian taught Europeans how to hunt, how to fish, and how to track animals.

How did the arrival of the Europeans affect the health and population of the Native Americans?
Native Americans had no immunity to European disease, such as small poxes. An epidemic of small poxes wiped out half of the Native American population

What genre of literature did the Native American bring to American Literature?
oral tradition

Who is Dekanawida?
a Mohawk visionary who unites American Indian people with the Iroquois Confederacy (league of 5 nations).

What happened in 1493?
Columbus published his journal describing the North American continent and its people. It is the first written documentation of the Native Americans

What happened in 1500?
Dekanawida (Iroquois chief); league of 5 nations; Iroquois Constitution and Confederation; women of the tribe appointed the chief and could impeach him; had very early democracy

Characteristics of Oral Stories and Myths
told verbally; passed down for generations

How do Native American myths use the power of metaphor?
old man=wisdom. similes form nature

How do the Native Americans use the theme of nature to convey meaning in their myths?
Earth is Native American’s salvation similar to environmental club.

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Animals are main characters meaning they look to animal kingdom for positive human behavior.

Who are the Huron people?
Native american people of the eastern woodlands. also know as Wendat

Where did the Huron live?
along the St. Lawrence river

What myth did the Huron tell?
“The Sky Tree”

What do the Huron do?
trade fur

Who were the Teton Sioux?
north american plains indian people sometimes called the Dakota. very violent and aggressive because of the Louisiana purchase

Where did the Teton Sioux live?
now Minnesota, north Dakota, and south Dakota. nomadic people who followed buffalo

Who is Sitting Bull?
Principal chief of the Teton Sioux in 1867 who is known as the leader who goes up against the Europeans who try to take their land

Who are the Nez Pierce?
Native American people of the Plateau culture. french-canadian vibe

What does Nez Pierce literally mean?
pierced nose in french

Where did the New Pierce live?
Idaho, Oregon, and Washington

What story did the Nez Pierce pass down?
“Coyote Finishes His Work”

Who are the Blackfeet?
Native American people of the northwestern plains

Where did the Blackfeet thrive?
a reservation in northwestern Montana

How did the Blackfeet receive their name?
from the tribal practice of dying moccasins black

What myth is associated with the Blackfeet?
“The Blackfeet Genesis”

What is an archetype?
a very old imaginative pattern that appeases in literature across cultures and is repeated through the ages

What type of myth is “The Sky Tree”?
origin myth or creation story

What does the sky tree seek to explain?
the sky tree gives life

What stories other than sky tree include life-giving trees?
adam and eve; the giving tree

What does Genesis mean?

What does the Old Man in “The Blackfeet Genesis” create?
animals, people land, plants, life, death

giving in inanimate object human characteristics

oral tradition
stories that are passed on by being spoken

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