Node’s * Its success Is due to Its commitment to encouraging and developing the skills of Its workforce. Of management used to be cashiers or grilles. Communication and implementation of its core value systems is important. * “one part chicken; one part people” * Combining the right people with a winning product has got Node’s to where it is Node’s Vision: “To keep exploring new territory. ” Node’s justified its vision by keeping an underachieving store open. They franchised the store, and with the right people in charge, the underachieving store made a complete turnaround.

Advantage or Disadvantage: 30% company owned 65% franchisee owned * 5% Joint venture operations Franchisees can become complacent and not treat the brand with the same dedication as the owners. Advantage: * Risky decisions are commonplace In Node’s culture. * Opportunities arise and Unhands makes decisions to capitalize on them. Is an ethos that forms the entrepreneurial lifeblood of the company. Disadvantage: This * The risky decisions tend to make franchisees nervous, as some franchisees might not be risk takers by nature.

This can be turned Into an advantage, as Unhands promotes open communication and transparency between the owners and raunchiness. General * Everything at Node’s is designed to support its people. Evidence that Ands is more than Just a business for profit. * Franchisers transfer their beliefs and excitement about the brand to Its franchisees. * Unhands management lead by example – a good entrepreneur knows that this Is essential. * Monads wants to attract people who share their core values, pride, passion, courage and integrity.

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They attract vibrant, adventurous people and strive to keep them. Ands in AS is looking at moving into the fast-casual market in order to differentiate themselves. True entrepreneurs always strive to stay ahead of their competition, by moving into new markets, or changing their product offerings. * Ands strives to show customers true excellence Ana GAO value rate in AS. Overseas markets Nana’s NAS a Trances success * Node’s aims to have 25 restaurants in the USA by 2015 successful in Australia, I-J, Singapore, Malaysia The Entrepreneurs: Borzoi and Treated * Franchises are highly Borzoi had no experience in the food industry – he saw an opportunity and capitalized on it.

Swot Analysis Of Nandos

Treated was born in Portugal, and introduced Borzoi to a Portuguese stature in Johannesburg. They took the risk of buying it, despite being warned that the fast food industry was unprofitable, flooded by too many role players. Node’s Advertising * Entrepreneur Borzoi identified the importance of marketing as a key factor in Node’s strategy. * Node’s developed a unique and irreverent style of external communications. * This allowed them to stand out from their conservative competitors and to achieve greater effects at a lower cost. * Their advertising is rooted in their in-depth understanding of the local market’s psyche.

Node’s definitely has a good sense of humor! This sets them apart from other fast food giants as their style is unique and it would be difficult for competitors to copy their style. * Node’s approach: “Marketing efforts focus on establishing our distinctiveness. ” * As part of its strategy, Node’s identified adventurous brand building as a core component. * Their advertising is always provocative, topical, interesting, generating public comment and debate. * Managers believe strongly in the brand, focusing their energies on building brand equity. Their marketing is extended to community level, each store is encouraged to be involved in local remissions that support communities and simultaneously promoting the Node’s image. Problems experienced going abroad * In the mid ass’s entrepreneurs from Asia became interested in Node’s concept. * Borzoi was informed that Node’s did not have the infrastructure to handle a global expansion successfully. * The south African operations had grown and the structure was becoming more difficult to manage. * Borzoi realized that a change in approach was needed (entrepreneurs need to be strategic in their thinking.

In this case, Borzoi showed this by realizing that the change was needed in order to be successful). * Node’s international was formed in 1995 to leverage international business. Mike Denton-Stevens was appointed as the group development strategist. * Denton-Stevens was directly responsible to Borzoi for the formulation and monitoring of global strategies and the development of systems, models and manuals. * He spent more than 2 years building models, writing manuals. Very thorough planning indeed! Generalness Take wilt International expansion * Node’s struggled with the idea of how to retain their culture and values while expanding abroad.

It was challenging to build critical mass in overseas markets. In most countries people were not familiar with Portuguese food. Node’s thought it would be a simple matter of using their advertising style in AS in the overseas markets. They realized that their advertising would have to be more educational in nature. Humor is a cultural thing and Node’s assumed that humor and irreverence were good positioning strategies worldwide. * Marketing manuals for the overseas markets were written as “do it yourself” manuals. Countries had to market at store level, in order to gain a feel for their market.

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