Da Vinci Code Myth

There are many myths and confederacies throughout today ‘s authorship. One writer known for seting controversial issues and confederacies in the center of his narratives is Dan Brown. Digital Fortress, Deception Point, and The Lost Symbol, all written by Brown, trade mostly with confederacies in the authorities. However, The Da Vinci Code uses myths environing the Christian religion. It irritated many spiritual leaders with these myths because they were precisely that, myths.

In The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown creates the myth that the Holy Grail is the lineage of Christ, who was besides purportedly married to Mary Magdalene.

This thought is contrary to the belief that the Holy Grail is the cup from which Jesus drank during the Last Supper. The Grail is non merely a cup or lineage ; it is besides the actual symbol for muliebrity, stand foring the sacred feminine goddess in ancient times. This theory believes that the “ goblet that held the blood of Christ ” is a lineage that descended from Jesus and Mary Magdalene ( “ The Da Vinci Code Fraud ” ) .

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Magdalena Di Ser Piero Da Vinci

In fact, no lineage exists because Jesus ne’er married and hence has no descendants. Harmonizing to Amy Welbourne, Mary Magdalene was merely mentioned in the Bible 12 times and Jesus was mending her because she was possessed by a devil ( Welbourn ) . The Holy Grail is the cup that Christ used to imbibe the vino during the Last Supper. This cup was so given to Joseph of Arimathea to garner the blood of Christ during his crucifixion ( “ The Da Vinci Code Fraud ” ) . The aggregation of the blood is the footing of the Eucharist in Catholic Communion. Joseph subsequently fled to Britain with the Grail, where the cup was passed down from coevals to coevals through his posterities. The Grail is said to hold the power to supply nutrient for those without wickedness ( “ Holy Grail. ” ) . Furthermore, in Richard Barber ‘s book The Holy Grail: Imagination and Belief, published by Harvard University Press, there is no mention to Mary Magdalene being married to Jesus. There is besides no mention to the sacred lineage as the Holy Grail ( “ The Da Vinci Code Fraud ” ) . The quest to happen this cup has even been the inspiration to many mediaeval poets to exemplify heroes in many different European civilizations ( “ Holy Grail. “ ) .

Another myth that Brown raises in The Da Vinci Code is that of a secret society known as the Priory of Sion. Harmonizing to the myth the name of the group originated in Jerusalem, where a Gallic male monarch coined it in 1099 ( “ Priory of Sion ” ) . Members of the Priory are allegedly listed in Les Dossiers Secrets, supposed members include: Victor Hugo, Botticelli, Sir Isaac Newton, and Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci allegedly presided over the Priory ‘s meetings ( “ The Da Vinci Code Fraud ” ) . The Priory of Sion is frequently associated with the Knights Templar because they shared the same schoolmaster every bit good as the hunt to happen the Holy Grail ( Pullum ) .

All of the paperss that support the being of the Priory of Sion have been proven false, invalid, or forged. Pierre Plantard made up the Les Dossiers Secrets in 1956. Andr & A ; eacute ; Bonhomme, Jean Delaval, and Amand Defago are besides recognized with Plantard as establishing the group. There is besides no reference on any historical papers that the Priory of Sion existed until 1956 when Plantard registered with the Gallic authorities as a new organisation ( “ Priory of Sion. ” ) . Even the beginning of the name is false ; it was really named after a local landmark “ Mont Sion ” which is merely south of Annemasse, France. Handed back and Forth between these work forces Les Dossiers Secrets was vulnerable to multiple alterations and changes ( “ Priory of Sion. ” ) . In add-on to these four, each individual involved with the fraud has publically announced the falseness of the papers. Clive Prince, a distinguished writer of many books about medieval confederacies, said, “ A batch of stuff that Pierre Plantard was responsible for is demonstrably false, it is a fraud ” ( “ The Da Vinci Code Fraud ” ) . Harmonizing to a author at christiantoday.com, both spiritual and non-religious research workers say that Dan Brown has non done plenty research to claim these facts that are non true ( “ Critics agree ” ) .

Dan Brown, in The Da Vinci Code, presents different myths that through research and scrutiny have been proven incorrect. This led many people astray because they took it for what it was without look intoing the cogency of what he was stating. It makes you think, has today ‘s reader become so uninformed that we can non find fact from fiction in modern-day authorship? If Dan Brown does it, who is to state that other writers are non making it as good?

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