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Myntra was established by Mukesh Bansal and Sankar Bora in February 2007. The other cardinal members are Ashutosh Lawania. and Vineet Saxena. All of them are IIT/IIM alumnas. and have worked for several start-ups. Myntra is headquartered in Bangalore and has been funded by Venture Capital financess like IndoUS.

IDG & A ; Accel Partners. [ 5 ] The company started off in the concern of personalization of merchandises. and shortly expanded to put up regional offices in New Delhi. Mumbai and Chennai. It began its operations in the B2B ( concern to concern ) section with the personalization of gifts. which included T-shirts. mugs and caps to call a few. However. in 2010. the company shifted its scheme to going a B2C ( concern to client ) oriented house. spread outing its catalogue to manner and lifestyle merchandises.


From 2007 to December 2010. Myntra. com was in the concern of on-line demand personalization. [ 6 ] The merchandises ranged from T-shirts. mugs. recognizing cards. calendars. key ironss. journals. vino spectacless. coasters and many such merchandises with exposure. one-liners and mottos. In three old ages. Myntra became one of the India’s largest on-demand personalization platform for merchandises and gifts with over a 50 % market portion [ 7 ] Myntra [ 8 ] offered individualized New Jerseies of several cricket and football squads such as Team India. IPL squads. national football squads. and Premier League football squads.

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New concern focal point and merchandises

Myntra has tied up with top manner and lifestyle trade names in India. such as Nike. Inc. . Reebok. Puma. Adidas. Asics. Lee. Lotto. Decathlon. FILA. John Miller. Indigo Nation etc. to offer a broad scope of current season ware from these trade names [ 9 ] Myntra presently offers merchandises from more than 350 Indian and international trade names. [ 10 ] These include places for running. tennis. football. hoops and fittingness. along with insouciant footwear from world-renowned industry leaders like Nike. Puma. Converse. Adidas. Decathlon. Reebok. Lee Cooper. Numero Uno. Skechers. Crocks. Asics. Fila. Lotto. ID and many more.

There are besides insouciant and dressy footwear for adult females from Catwalk. Carlton London and Red Tape to call a few. Myntra besides stocks Jerseies for work forces and adult females from popular trade names like Covetous 21. Everlastingly New. Authoritative Polo. Inkfruit. Lee. Nike. Inc. . Probase. Puma. Adidas. Reebok. Ed Hardy. Decathlon. Lotto. Ediots. Mr. Men. Tantra and Guerilla. The web site has besides launched Being Human and Fastrack tickers. [ 11 ] [ 12 ] [ 13 ] In July 31. 2012 Bollywood actorKalki Koechlin launches Myntra’s ‘Star N Style’ characteristic. [ 14 ] ————————————————-

Business theoretical account

Myntra. com is an collector of many trade names. Its concern theoretical account is based on securing current season ware from assorted trade names and doing them available on the portal at the same clip as in several retail trade name mercantile establishments. All these merchandises are offered to clients on MRP. [ 15 ] In October 2007. Myntra received a seed support from Accel Partners ( once Erasmic Venture Fund ) . Sasha Mirchandani from Mumbai Angels and another angel investor. In November 2008. Myntra raised with it’s A support of $ 5 million from NEA-IndoUS Ventures. IDG Ventures and Accel Partners. [ 16 ] In the 2nd unit of ammunition of support led by Tiger Global and participated by bing investors IDG Ventures and Indo-US Venture Partners. Myntra raised $ 14 million.

Towards the terminal of 2011. Myntra. com raised $ 20 million in its 3rd unit of ammunition of support led by Tiger Global. [ 17 ] Myntra launched a trade name run with its first TVC in July 2011. The commercial ‘juxtaposes new-age manner with old-world grit’ and places Myntra as a ‘fashionable new age’ trade name. [ 18 ] [ 19 ] [ 20 ] [ 21 ] Myntra’s 2nd run. with the tagline “Ramp It Up” . was launched in October 2011 with a TVC. The new ad scored high on manner quotient and the nucleus message was to pass on the launch of the Autumn Winter 2011 aggregation on Myntra. com.

[ 22 ] In February 2012. Myntra besides rolled out an OOH ( out of place ) run across Tier 2 metropoliss. to to construct trade name consciousness and promote online shopping. [ 23 ] In June 2012. Myntra launched its 3rd run. Created by Taproot. the communicating emphasises the benefits of purchasing online. and is titled ‘Real life mein aisa hota hai kya’ . in which they offer free transportation. hard currency on bringing. 30 twenty-four hours return & amp ; 24 hours dispatch [ 24 ] Myntra continued the ‘Real life mein aisa hota hai kya’ subject in its following run in October 2012 and extended it to showcase its broad catalog and hassle-free Returns Policy.

[ 25 ] Gross

In the last unit of ammunition ( Nov 2010 ) . Myntra raised $ 14mn and in 2008. raised $ 5mn from NEA-IUV. IDG Ventures and Accel. Myntra started as a usage endowing service and subsequently morphed into an on-line shop manner shop merchandising lifestyle merchandises. The latest unit of ammunition of $ 20mn support ( Series C ) will be used to construct its logistics service ( they have already started their ain logistic service ) and enlargement into new classs. Myntra. com marks Rs 500 crores gross for the following financial Myntra. com. the largest on-line retail merchant of manner and lifestyle merchandises in India. is taking grosss of Rs 500 crores in the fiscal twelvemonth 2012- 2013. The company which entered the life style and manner retailing section in December 2010 has registered a 10 fold growing in 2011 and is comparatively. the fastest turning company in the e-commerce infinite in India.

Mr. Mukesh Bansal ( Founder & A ; CEO ) said. “Myntra has undergone phenomenal growing in the last 12 months and has emerged as the clear leader in Fashion/Lifestyle infinite. We have been systematically duplicating every 4 months and have now reached a graduated table where we ship up to 10. 000 merchandises every twenty-four hours. We are be aftering to traverse gross of Rs 500 crores in FY 12-13 which will further beef up Myntra’s leading place in the lifestyle class.

This is an exciting class with the entire market size projected to be over $ 100 billion in 5 old ages with mid individual figure part being on-line. doing this. perchance the largest on-line class in India. ” He farther added. “We have built the largest catalog in manner & A ; lifestyle class with over 200 trade names. have really extended supply-chain capablenesss including world-class warehouse in multiple metropoliss and our ain logistics web in big metropoliss. We will go on to put sharply in our engineering platform. supply-chain and the Myntra trade name to quickly scale the concern. ”


Myntra. com is ranked among the taking e-commerce companies in India and is the largest on-line retail merchant of life style and manner merchandises. The company was started by a group of IIT/IIM alumnuss in 2007 and is headquartered in Bangalore. Funded by top grade Venture Capital Funds. Myntra is among the best funded e-commerce companies in the state today. Myntra. which started as an on-line finish for personalized merchandises back in 2007. has expanded into broader life style and manner retailing.

Today. Myntra is the largest online lifestyle retail merchant with over 200 national and international trade names under its streamer. Myntra has brought in a new degree of professionalism and engineering enablement to the e-commerce infinite in India. For consumers. this translates to superior experience. broader merchandise choice and odd efficiency. therefore adding to a better buying determination. The company’s alone offerings include the largest in-season merchandise catalogue. 100 % reliable merchandises. hard currency on bringing. and 30 twenty-four hours return policy. doing Myntra the preferable online shopping finish in the state.


* There are besides insouciant and dressy footwear for adult females from Catwalk. Carlton London and Red Tape to call a few. To offer a broad scope of current season ware from these trade names. Myntra presently offers merchandises from more than 200 Indian and international trade names. These include places for running. tennis. football. hoops and fittingness. along with insouciant footwear from world-renowned industry leaders likeMyntra has tied up with top manner and lifestyle trade names in India. such as Nike. Reebok. Puma. Adidas. Asics. Lee. Lotto. Decathlon. FIFA. John Miller. Indigo Nation etc.

* Inkfruit. com. dilsebol. com. Blue Bus Tees. Scopial. com. Myntra doubtless enjoyed the first mover advantage in the on-line retailing concern. But Myntra’s success has been replicated by other companies that have now become rivals for Myntra. Some of them are Diff between tradional bssness n vitamin E bussness

Traditional concerns and e-businesses both require you to hold a concern licence. Registering your concern name with the province registrar. geting a federal revenue enhancement ID figure. researching local zoning and licensing ordinances. buying insurance pertinent to your demands and set uping banking relationships are critical stairss in puting up store in either locale. While telecommunications equipment. office supplies and a marketing/advertising budget are necessary disbursals in both traditional and electronic commercialism. a traditional concern theoretical account has the added operating expense of a monthly rental. public-service corporations. staff wages and benefits. exterior/interior care costs and security systems. An e-business tally from a place office utilizes resources that already exist and which are so prorated as tax write-off

Customer Convenience

If the conditions is bad. the parking is a challenge or the hr is late when inspiration strikes to purchase something. an e-business that is unfastened 24/7 frequently has more entreaty to clients than a brick-and-mortar store located across town and merely unfastened five yearss a hebdomad from 10 to 4. Shoping for goods electronically doesn’t merely salvage clients clip and energy ; it can besides salvage them from paying gross revenues revenue enhancements. supply them with more mercantile establishments to comparison-shop and extinguish the feeling of being pressured or followed around by a sales representative. Many clients. nevertheless. prefer the ability to personally inspect the ware. inquire for advice and aid and be able to take their purchases home instantly instead than holding to pay transportation costs and delay for bringing. A traditional concern satisfies those demands in add-on to furthering an environment of trust through personal conversation and face-time. N for revenue enhancement intents.

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