Which Internet Business Has "Do The Right Thing; Don’t Be Evil." As One Of Its Values?​

Creating a Compelling Vision Google started out as being Just a very powerful, simple and intuitive search engine. Today, Google seems to have its hands in Just about everything from Maps, Shopping, Finance, You Tube, Email, Mobile Android SO to creating very innovative, cutting edge technology Like a drivels car. Google’s customer base is everyone around the world who uses a computer. Goggles core values and why they are Important to them re as follows:  We want to work with great people – Their success Is only as good as the people they hire.

Technology innovation is our lifeblood – Google is all about technology and the services behind the technology. Without technology, what would they be? Working at Google is fun – Of course every employee, not just at Google fundamentally has to enjoy what he or she is doing. If you are not enjoying what you do and hate your Job, your not happy, productivity suffers and at some point you start looking for another Job.

Be actively Involved; you are Google – When you work for Google, you represent Google so one must present them in a professional, moral and ethical manner. Don’t take success for granted – Accompany should ever rest on its laurels and think that it will always successful no matter what.

There is always someone else out there that is waiting for the opportunity to knock you down. 6) Do the right thing; don’t be evil – Being honest, having integrity and always doing the right thing Is crucial for any business.

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At some point, doing the wrong thing will reface Its ugly head and can be catastrophic, Like Enron. Earn customer and user loyalty and respect every day Creating new, Innovative and quality products and services will help keep your fan-base and ensure success in the company Sustainable long-term growth and profitability is key to our success – Everyone that works at Google needs to see and treat the company like it is their company. Work smart, efficient and keep company spending reasonable. Google cares about and supports the communities where we work and live – Every company should give back,

It’s doing the right thing for others less fortunate, It makes everyone feel good, makes the world a better place and its good for PR. According to Elaine J. Horn, Business News Daily Contributor “A vision statement is a declaration of a company’s goals for the midterm or long-term future. Ranging from one line to several paragraphs, a vision statement identifies what the company would like to achieve or accomplish. A good vision statement provides the inspiration for the daily operations of a business and molds Its strategic decisions.

The benefit of a vision statement Is to etch In stone the executives own views about the short-term and long-term direction and future of their organization. It guides medieval managerial decision-making and provides direction to form departmental missions, objectives and create strategies. It motivates, inspires and has a purpose-driven message that employees can commit to, and helps the overall company prepare for the future. My vision statement for Google products, services available while discovering untapped areas to help the world access and use information around the globe.

Google would communicate the vision through multiple means utilizing written form, audio/visual, speeches, interviews and press releases by the organizations leaders to deliver the message to the stakeholders, employees, vendors and customers. HRS would be responsible for seeking and interviewing potential employees who demonstrate the characteristics Google is looking for in order to carry out that vision. Once hired, the vision would be incorporated in their new employee on-boarding and ongoing training program through written form and audio/visual means.

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Which Internet Business Has "Do The Right Thing; Don’t Be Evil." As One Of Its Values?​
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