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“My Cousin Rachel. Scapegoat” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “My Cousin Rachel. Scapegoat”

You know, I’ve thought over the weekend, and I direct was a shame for the writer and for her novels. There is in them something to discuss. And you again. That’s what all this has to do with her novels? That you think that the most consistent (?) Ideological form determined by the system of property relations. So now each work will analyze, on the basis of property relations? The fact that my review is no indication on the time and place of the action, this is my personal business. Or it is necessary to write? What you got against my word? What’s eating you bitten? (This is also a rhetorical) The situation reminds me to direct a scene from “Garage”: searching searched me … Well, dear shareholders, welcome, no, no, not in the bedroom – in the kitchen. In the kitchen, which was preparing this review. I have a few days going to write a review of this book, to collect his thoughts together, so all hands did not reach. And now the time to her writing I found after talking to you about the other work. It turned up to mind the well-known expression (the name of a different time might be different, the main content of the review it would not change). So sometimes in a review of the title (or some other form) using catch phrases, famous quotes, proper names, and so on. Sometimes (often) they alter, replace the word. That took place in this case. “Consciousness determines being” in my case means that the consciousness of the reader determines the existence of the characters, as the author nedopisyvaet everything until the end. In addition, the text reviews the thought takes place in the plane of the individual relationship with his family. And where do your ascetics and the boys? Well, I did not write Daphne du Maurier about social injustice. Forgive her?

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