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My Background, Identity, and Interests Paper

I am a mixed kid raised in a small little town by a single mother for 17 years. I haved lived in Ojai my whole life. For example, I was the first baby born in Ojai in the year of 1999. I also have played two sports since the age of 5 and those are basketball and softball. I think what people don’t know about me is that I can manage to do a lot of things at once.This summer I ended up taking a college class , helped raised a pig for 4h and the biggest event for me was playing for Team USA basketball in Austria.I think managing all this stuff this summer is helping me get ready for college.

At Ventura College this summer, I was able to take a Spanish 1 class with a real professor. It was a six-week class that helped me speak and write in Spanish easier.That helped me a lot because I ended up learning how to write in a different language and converse with Spanish speakers. I also think the ending project helped me out as well because you had to come up with a real conversation and pick a scene to shoot it at.For example,the group I was in we took scenes at the beach , school, and the mall. I think Profesor Alejandro Hernandez planned the final project well because he wanted you to practice speaking Spanish with people you do know so you are able to do it with people you don’t know. I ended up getting an A in this class with the top percentage of ninety-eight. Personally, this class helped mebecause now I able to communicate with Spanish speakers.Overall I think I am extremely happy that I took this class because now I can say I know how to read, write and speak Spanish.

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In Ventura County, we have a local fair and you can raise 4H animals to show.4H is part of the department of Agriculture which you can participate in either agricultureor animals along with carpentry.This helps the youngalso become productive United States Citizens. This year I was able to help with a pig for the second year in a row. You are able to purchase …

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