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My Academic Autobiography Paper

This is my first semester in college. In my academic autobiography I will be writing about four major details. These details include: my grades in school, my abilities and weaknesses, the challenges I face, and how I deal with these challenges. I will also talk about my academic future and what my goals are for it. My first topic in my autobiography is my grades I got in school. My parent’s always pushed me to do my best, but I didn’t always care.

I remember in high school I would always tell myself I would try my hardest this year and do everything I need to to pass my classes with good grades. Unfortunately some classes were Just so hard for me I would let my grade drop too D. Once my parent’s found out about it they were doing anything and everything to make me get the grade up. For example, they would take my phone, TV, friends away until I brought my grade up too high C. I didn’t realize till my Junior year that I really needed to focus on my grades so I could get into college.

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Second are my strong abilities and my weaknesses as a student. I have always done really well in math. It’s my favorite subject. It was so easy for me because I like numbers and figuring things out. It was sometimes a struggle but I ended up understanding it. Another ability of mine is staying organized. I always knew where things were so I could find them easily. I even wrote on a calendar everything that was due on the date so I could have it finished and not procrastinate, or do it a head of time so I didn’t have to worry about it.

Now that I am in college I am trying my absolute best, I am determined. I want to do the best I can so I can transfer too four year when I complete my academic career at the community college. My major weakness is English. I have never been good at English; I had to take classes in Jar. High School to help strengthen my English abilities, but now it’s not as hard as it use to be. I understand it better now, and I get help when I need it. An obstacle for me is my challenges in college. Since this is my first semester as a allege student I didn’t know what to expect.

One of my major challenges is money. In my senior year of high school my counselor was always telling me ways to help me financially with college. But I never really listened because I didn’t think it would be that much, but I didn’t have any money saved up for it. But towards the end of high school I realized I really needed help with this, so I listened to what she had to tell me. Another challenge is my classes. Its not that my classes are hard there quite say, including English, it’s Just the homework that’s a little challenging.

Ways that I deal with the challenges I have which are money, classes or homework. When I finally went to talk to my counselor she talked to me about ways to get money. I got the Fast, and I applied to the Cal Grant and some scholarships. Unfortunately I didn’t get the Cal Grant or any scholarships, but I did get finical aid which has been really helpful with school. The way I deal with my classes and homework are I do one at a time. I try not to look at everything as a whole of what I have to do but as individual things.

It helps me so I All the challenges that I am facing and how I am dealing with them will help with my future. My plan is to get an AAA at the community college and transfer too four year. I want to major in Criminology, and become a forensics anthropologist. Although I still don’t know where I would like to transfer, I am continuing my search for colleges that have good criminal research programs. In order to get there I will continue doing my very best in everything I am doing, and follow my goals.

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