Music Video Analysis Essay

The song Coffee and TV is by a band called Blur. The music video is about an animated milk carton who decides to leave home because no one has given him any attention. During his journey the milk carton faced many hazards such as nearly being hit by a motorbike. Near the end of his journey the milk carton stops at a window. The milk carton discovers the missing person whose picture is on the back of the carton itself. The missing person is playing the Coffee and TV song with his band.

The milk carton falls through the window and the missing person picks it up.

The missing person turns out to be the lead singer of the band. The man and the milk carton take a bus to go back to his family. Once there the man drinks the milk, the milk dies and floats up to heaven. This music video is around 6 minutes long. Usually a music video lasts around 3 – 4 minutes.

Most music videos have the artist lip sync throughout the video but in this video they have used animation and then near the end you see the artist sing the song. They have not used any lighting in this music video as they have mostly filmed outside in the broad daylight.

Video Coffee And Tv

In this video they have showed how a character can change their emotion very quickly. They have used no choreography in the video whereas most music videos do. Although this video isn’t like other music videos you see on MTV etc, I think that this video was made like this because they wanted to show an interesting storyline and they wanted their video to be different from the rest.

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There are many different connotations throughout this music video. As the milk carton goes on his journey he doesn’t seem to be too upset. While he is walking it looks like he is dancing and it seems that he doesn’t care about what happened earlier.

Behind him you can see the sunny, grassy background, this might connote happiness. As he gets into dangerous hazards the background becomes grey, the milk carton starts running, this connotes that he is scared and upset. The milk carton ends up in a dark alleyway which connotes evilness. You then see the milk carton walk up to a bright window. The milk carton doesn’t seem to be as scared anymore and he then feels happy because he has found the missing person. They both get on a bus and the weather looks sunny again. At the end of the music video the person drinks the milk and the milk carton slowly floats unto heaven.

As he floats to heaven the background becomes brighter and slowly fades to white, this connotes peacefulness. The genre of the music video is Indie. This video belongs to this genre because the music featured in the video is Indie. Indie music sounds home made like it is not edited with effects to change the artist voice. The band who sings this song used instruments to make their own music. Most Indie music is from bands that play their own instruments. Indie is also known as the abbreviated word for independent, this video is quite independent and unique from most other music videos so it belongs in this genre.

You don’t see much of the band performing in this video except near the end. The video has used animation and mixed it with everyday life. The kind of people that you see in this video is normal people. You can see people trying to get to work, shopping etc. You also see some children in the video. At the end of the video where you see the band playing the song they seem relaxed and they look like they are enjoying themselves. The band do not dance in this video as you can not really dance to this song because it is a little slow and something you would listen to when you want to relax or chill out.

I think the target audience for this music video is aimed at everyone. This video appeals to its audience because of the use of animation. They have not use a man, woman or child as their main character which makes it fair and non stereotypical. The video is appealing for anyone because in some scenes of the video you can see women, men and children. There are no scenes of sexual nature making it suitable for children to see also children might find it appealing to them because of the animated character in the video. The song featured in this video has no bad words in it making it appeal to anyone again.

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