Music has no Language Barrier We all now know that Korean pop music is dominating the music industry these days. Many haters says that international fans can’t even understand what they are saying, for all they know, they night be cursing the fans without them knowing It. Believe me, I have met many people, in reality or online, who hates Korean Music. But Is It wrong to love them without knowing their mother tongue? I think there are only 1/3 people who are open minded and the other 2/3 are all close minded people.

I mean, male call the male Idols gays.

Essay Example on Language Barrier In Music

Don’t they Just feel Insecure because the male Idols are too handsome and not to mention talented? And when a male Like Korean Music people would judge him as gays, well think bonbons are the ones who have lots of courage because they don’t care what other people thinks, It’s what they Like so no one has the right to Judge them.

Sure, I will admit that their are Korean Fans would go crazy and chase their idols around the town of Seoul but it only shows that they love them deeply that they want to make their idols notice them. Just like in one of the anises I have watched.

The protagonist would go around saying “Sensei, please notice me! ” I think its like that. From what I have seen people who love Korean music tends to be more picky in picking the people who they want to have a relationship with.

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Because they want that specific person to have the criteria to be Just like their idol. Music has no language barrier. If you like the music then listen to it. If you want to understand what they are saying learn the language. Idols do learn other language so that they communicate with their fans. So Just like that learn the language and you can communicate with your idol online or in reality.

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