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We all have a song that is always in our mind. I am not an expert in song lyrics, oh I am not someone who can criticize a song. The only thing I know is that every song has a great story. But my favorites are the songs of love, those who have a great story, have feelings, and loving feelings. My favorite part is that you can find rhythms and expressions.

The one that got away, people help the people. First one of my favorite songs is The One That Got Away by Katy Perry. Katty Perry is a great artist, is so good for my view songs, I think she’s a great woman, is very successful in his career, but sometimes artists rely heavily on his career, his physique, in his marketing to become great. But more than anything for my Katy Perry is a woman who knows and who knows how to express the hearts of many people.

As this song as others I have received it so deeply. But this letter is amazing to me, because it has an amazing story, I think every teenage meet someone with whom we will spend the whole life. This story is based on a story of a young couple, as they are in love speaks a little of everything going on in the stage of love, there is a very special part “Talk about our future like we had a clue.

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” This is not amazing? As so often we say amazing things as if we could see the future. On many occasions we say such nonsense like forever love you, oh you will be the only love in my life. I think this letter has a little of everything, fully expresses the love of a teenage girl who would be willing to do anything to be with that person. It is a very common story of love and a little crazy, as is the love for her, which makes her feel, and follies would be willing to do. This makes me think that everyone would do crazy things for love, great things, things that do not measure. But as in real life, all love stories are complicated. “And in another life I would be your girl We keep our promises full Be us against the world.”

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