irregular shaped pearl

the _________ is a keyboard instrument whose strings are plucked by quile

Handel was considered a master of writing what form

dido sings her favorite lament in the opera “dido and aeneas” just prior before doing what
kills herself

the first era of western music history in which instrumental music was a major vocal for composers for what time period
the baroque era

the keyboard instrument that uses various sets of pipes to create contrasting colors is what instrument

later in life Handel turned his efforts from opera to what art form

the subject to the second part of “messiah” is what
the death of christ

the ideas in music of the Florentine camerata led directly to develop what form

the sacred cantata was a interval part of what church service (bachs domination)

the artestrial introduction in the beginning of an opera is what

a highly emotional song in a opera is called what

vivaldi lived in and work what city

vivaldi was also known as the red priest because of
his red hair

_________ was born in Germany, studied in Italy, but stayed most of his creative life in England

Handel’s water music is best described is what form
baroque suite (collection of dances)

which of the following is vivaldi’s best known set of concertos
the four seasons

the stories of oratorios are generally are drawn from what topic

the _______ is a keyboard form based on the principle of voices imitating eachother

why is the music for handel’s water music marked by lively ribbons and catchy melodies
written to be performed outdoors on a barge

the _______ form in a concerto is loosely based on the alternation between ochestrial statements and virtual passages for soloists

the vocal style in opera that imitates natural inflection of speech is called

the artificial created male soprano or alto voice that was in baroque opera was also known as what

when Handel arrived in London he established his fame by composing what

a drama that is sung is what

which of the following was NOT a important keyboard instrument during the baroque

during the 17th century women who desired a public voice in music often joined what of organization

Johann Sebastian Bach was most famous in his day as a performer playing what instrument
the organ

the approximate date of the baroque period was _____ to _____

Handel s “messiah” is what form

which of the following is handels most famous oratario

which of the following does NOT categorize a oratorio
the scenery

the canticle of Mary is generally known as what

the tex of an opera is called a what

the instrumental form based on the contrast of two dissimilar bodies of sound is called a what

what is a figured bass
a new kind of notation

what is the principle element of a fugue

a type of English entertainment combining music, poetry, and dance was called what
a mask

during his music career bach held what position where
all of the above

rejoice greatly o daughter of zion from “messiah” is an example of what type of aria
da capo aria

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