Mrs Dalloway Key Quotes

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In “Mrs. Dalloway,” the character of Clarissa Dalloway, is a downer at times.The novel is captivating, and often uplifting to me asa reader. In the novel, Clarissa Dalloway constantly struggles with balancing her inner self with the external world (life). Clarissa shows a struggle with finding ways to communicate, and yearning for the privacy she, so desperately wants. Constantly doubting her decisions that have shaped her life, Clarissa constantly wishes that she could live life again.

While walking through the streets of London, on Clarissa’s journey to buy flowers at a flower shop, Clarissa’s starts to have the anxiety of everyday life.

This is the beginning of Clarissa’s regrets, her doubts and the reasoning for her wishing she could live life again. We may be fooled at first when Clarissa Dalloway, comes off early on in the novel,from the opening line, that she is an independent, and strong women. “Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself” (Mrs.

Dalloway, Pg. 3).Clarissa Dalloway, used her glamorous parties, being the perfect hostess and dressing up as a way to hide her true self. She was an insecure woman on the inside, who doubted herself and everyone surrounding her. Women in today’s society, the post-modern time such as myself have felt the same deep emotions as the character of Clarissa, walking down the streets in London reflecting on her past and doubting her decisions in life.

Mrs Dalloway Opening Line

The enjoyment and many examples of Clarissa’s love for the flowers and breathing in the sweet smell of them, the jangling noise of cars and street vendors, and the air blowing over her skin, while walking through the beautiful streets of London, are uplifting and brings back memories of events in her life.

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Clarissa longs to be young again, and it’s obvious as she goes back and fourth recalling memories of her youth and her love for two men, Peter, and Richard.Clarissa fears what every woman in today’s socie…

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