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Movie Essay

Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Fantasy in Harry potter movies Fantasy is a genre of fiction that consist of magic, imaginary worlds, quests, mythical creatures and great battles over good and evil. This genre uses supernatural occurrences as elements of plot or setting. Elements commonly used in this genre include wizards, elves, dragons and other imaginary creatures (Ledesma, nd).fantasy is anything that has no possibility of existing in the real world. Fantasy is related greatly to Harry potters movies because it is used to describe people, creatures, places, quest battles and many more magical happenings (Hill, 2005). Fantasy is used in the Harry potter movie to describe the Hogwarts School of wizardry and witchcraft where Harry goes to school at the age of eleven years. This magical place does not exist in the real world (Nikki, 2009). The students in these school all posse some magical power. this is revealed to Harry by a giant .fantasy comes out clearly here when the giant a magical creature reveals to Harry that he is not an ordinary person like his relatives who have raised him up since the death of his parents. In addition, when Harry starts school he interacts with talented children like him. Fantasy relates to Harry potter, since most of the creatures are magical and posses’ extraordinary powers that ordinary creatures do not. In the movie, there is a scene where a gigantic three-headed dog is used to guard a deserted corridor in Hogwarts School. In another scene, a strange elfish creature is used to warn Harry against returning to Hogwarts and finally a flying car that is used to rescue Harry by his friend Ron and his brothers from his room where he is locked up. This fantasy is used in the scene where dementors, who are evil sucking creatures, are employed all around Hogwarts School for protection to the students from serial killer black. The other aspect of the movie where fantasy relates to it is quest for Harry to defeat the lord Voldemort. This is a battle between good and evil, what is going to triumph between the two. Harry is the one representing the good side while lord voldemort is the evil one because he wants to kill Harry and take all the powers. In the movie, we have the scene where lord voldemont tricks Harry using one of the professors to follow him. Harry falls prey to the trick that helps deliver him to voldemont. He tries to kill Harry, but is unsuccessful for Harry is saved by the school headmaster, Dumbledore and the sorcerers’ stone is saved. in the end good triumphs over evil when Harry manages to kill voldemont. Fantasy greatly relates to the magical places in Harry potter movies. The places are highly guarded and posses the most incredible secrets to the magical world and its history. An example from then scenes is the chamber of secrets that is mysterious and thought to have a monster inside. The Hogwarts School is also a magical castle that is guarded by magical creatures when danger lurks. The other scene with an out of this world place is where Harry and Dumbledore are trapped on the Astronomy tower. Another place in the movie that is imaginary is the Godric’s hollow. The activities that are involved in the movies are fantasy related. They involve use of magic to accomplish them. A good scene that demonstrates this use of fantasy is the Triwizard tournament. This tournament is between three wizardly schools where each school chooses a champion to participate. The tournament challenges include fighting the dragons and retrieval of some thing important from a lake bottom filled with mer-people. The lessons that harry sturdy in school involve proving his prowess in the magic world. An Example is the portions class. Another fantasy related to Harry potter is the magical spells cast on creatures and the wizards. The spells are used to disguise a wizard or witch, to wade off danger away or to create a camouflage. A scene from the movie that demonstrates this fantasy is the patronous charm spell that Harry uses against the dementors who are affecting Harry. In the real world, no magic spell exists to cause an effect on anyone or any creature. Another scene is when scabbers, Rons cat turns out to be a wizard in disguise. The wizard decided to disguise himself in order to spy on Harry and his friends and report to lord voldemort in the end Harry is able to kill voldemort with a single spell. Fantasy in relation to Harry potter is brought out in the power to see the invisible objects around. It is an extra ordinary thing to see things that are thought to be invisible, example ghosts. In the movie, Harry sees skeletal horses pulling the carriages at school. Another fantasy that relates to this movie is the evidence that one can hide a part of his soul to be retrieved later. This is brought out in the movie when Harry goes on a dangerous mission with Dumbledore to destroy apart of voldemort’s soul that is contained in a horcrux stored in different places. Fantasy is used in the movie to unite people who know each other in death, who in turn have conversations. Some have the power to choose whether to stay dead or to go back to life. From the movie this is shown when Harry dies and meets with Dumbledore who answers all his questions and alternatively gives him a choice of staying or going back to life. He chooses to go back and kill voldemort. The other fantasy used in the movie, is the ability for power to vanish from a person and regain it later. From the movie, this is witnessed by Harry when voldemont regains his power in a creepy graveyard. Another fantasy is the ability to speak the language of another creature. A scene in the movie is the ability of Harry to speak to snakes when he discovers he is a parslemouth. Work cited Ledesma, Debbie. Fantasy Fiction. suite101.com. 2011. Web. December 2, 2011 Hill, Joshua. Harry Potter and Fantasy – A Quick Look. sffworld.com. 2005-10-20. Web. December 2, 2011 Nikki. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. goodreads.com. Nov 29, 2011 04:01am. Web. December 2, 2011.

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