Good Night And Good Luck

The film is relevant and successfully portrays the historical aspects of broadcast journalism in 1950’s America accurately. Initially shot in color, the film was edited to a black-and-white or grayscale theme in order to match the time period. Clooney also decided to incorporate actual footage of McCarthy presenting his speeches. These clips chronicle McCarthy’s reels and lend historical accuracy to the film. The movie also persists in establishing the “behind-the-scenes” of the early days of broadcast. In the headquarters, we see typewriters, heavy smoking, drinking, and episodes of stress that were to be expected in the business.

The inner-workings of news and television such as the small space Murrow had between his chair and the camera were also believable. The film was also objective with the presentation of facts and newspapers. They utilized the exact words from the broadcasting between McCarthy and Murrow, and also showed the problems Murrow faced. These all contributed to recreating a realistic representation of the time period and the struggles of those who disagreed with McCarthy’s principles.

One of the most important questions the film raised was the influence and change of mass media. In the 1950s, the commercial business of the television industry had just begun to expand and grow. By this late 1950s, there were over three million television sets in distributed across American homes, and CBS News had established itself as a credible source of television reporting. However, many television networks were not immune to scrutiny by McCarthy, and it was also true that in order to appease sponsors, many networks censored and avoided any controversial contents.

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Television is also not completed protected by the first amendment. Newspapers can censure government, but the federal Communications Commission can revoke a television licenses. So, one important theme posed by the movie was the government’s relationships wit…

Good Night And Good Luck Scene Analysis

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