Human genetic engineering is where an individual desires to manipulate their genotype with the intention of choosing the phenotype of their newborn.Influencing a change in a tiny embryo could not only harm the adolescent but also drastically change the generations to come. Gattaca is a movie where human genetic engineering is constantly influencing and destroying the human race. Throughout the movie the “In-Valid” and the “genetically elite” are against one another because genetically engineering has taken place.The “In-Valid” is termed as limited, the “genetically elite” as failures, and personal relationships are lost in general.

Therefore manipulating a human embryo’s DNA is obviously a wrong decision.Individuals that are in support of human genetic engineering will also get their chance to show their opinion.

Limiting a human being based on genetics is not only merciless for the individual but also the preceding generations.Those that are naturally born could perform the exact same tasks as those that are born genetically perfect, yet they still would be discriminated against.

The genetically elite automatically obtain the superlative jobs because their genes say they are flawless (Gattaca).Vincent is an In-Valid therefore his status in society is lower than Anton, his brother, who is genetically elite (Gattaca).

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Vincent should not want to achieve his full potential because those in lower status always achieve the minimal jobs, such as janitors (Gattaca).Limitations cause Vincent to hire a professional to falsify him as an Olympic swimmer, Jerome (Gattaca). His long life dream, working in space, is in his grasp because he now is considered genetically elite (Gattaca). Limiting those that are born naturally weakens the human race, since those that are natural born may never reach their full potential.

Topnotch genes still fail the genetically flawless. Individuals that are genetically elite may feel …

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