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Blood Diamond is a 2006 film produced by director Edward Zwick. The main characters are Leonardo DiCaprio, Djimon Hounsou, and Jennifer Connelly. It was filmed in Sierra Leone, Africa. And it tells the story of a mercenary and fishermen that join to find the biggest diamond ever seen by a person. The title of the movie refers to all the blood that had to be poured out to maintain a diamond business ran by the South African militia. The movie reflects the situation that was going on in Sierra Leone during that period -1990- and how the political frame influenced the corruption.

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The movie tells the story of a young journalist -whose character is interpreted by Jennifer Connelly- that visits South Africa with the intention of informing Americans about the situation in Sierra Leone and how the rebels abused the children and forced them to work in an illegal diamond extracting business.

She meets Archer, a South African mercenary -whose character was interpreted by Leonardo DiCaprio-who made deals with the rebels and the government’s security institutions exchanging guns for diamonds. After a few months, they both meet Salomon Bandi –whose character was interpreted by Djimon Hounsou- who was a fisherman that got caught by the rebels and forced to work for them. When he was working for the rebels, he found a gigantic diamond and immediately hid it. Unfortunately, the place where he was working was attacked by the African army, and he was taken to jail.

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When he got out of jail, Archer joined him in the quest to find the hidden diamond with the only condition that they were going to split the profits if they found it. Even though they went through persecutions, shootings, threats, and explosions. They managed to find the diamond but Archer dies, and Salomon keeps it.

The movie has a few strengths such as the plot and the quality of the actors. The story is well developed and explained. It’s also easy to follow up, and there are no ope…

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