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Movie Summary – 22 Jump Street Paper

This movie turns out to be my one of the favorite college life movie. Though the movie is dramatic, and the story line is based on finding the drug dealer, finding the killer of Synthia Watson, the movie also depicts a college life in United States of America briefly. The movie gave me aidea how a class room works. One of the professors in the movie really explained how a class should work. Regardless of those topics that were funny, I actually got the idea what a professor want from their classes. They want it to be interactive, interesting, class where there is flow of thoughts coming in and out instead of 60 students just staring at him for 3 hours lecture. In the movie, when Doug and Brad get into a fight they ended up in an advisement office of their psychology professor. I liked the way and a program how professors try and help to solve problems of students. It’s like getting a counseling class. Then I got the idea how professors are, they are friendly, they share a lot about their experience, knowledge, help you in any problem relating in their field.

The second thing I knew was your age doesn’t stop you from getting an education. When Brad and Doug in the movie got enrolled in MC STATE COLLEGE they were probably beyond the age of 30s. This was pretty cool and new stuff from me, I’ve never seen an older guy coming into my classroom and studying with me.

This movie also gives an idea of how is it like to stay in dorm and to share a room. It shows lists of items that are necessary to stay in the dorm. Dorms are especially for those students who are new to the college and new to the entire place. Movie didn’t actually explain the rules at the dorm but it seemed dorms are not a strict place. Furthermore, the dorm that was shown in the movie both men and women stayed at the same building. You would not have a private bathroom; there would be a single bathroom for multiple rooms. The system of changing our classes and major…

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