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Movie Analysis – 2001: A Space Odyssey Essay

Essay Topic:

Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey was an incredibly influential film that was released in the 60’s. It is a movie that has gotten a ton of different interpretations from different people, which is one of the things that make it so great. Many parts of the movies are interestingly silent. The use of silence does an amazing job of creating tension and suspense in many parts and was, in my opinion, better than a soundtrack. In addition to being so effective, it is actually scientifically accurate in some parts, like in space where there is no sound. My favorite part of the whole movie was the transitions, especially in the lab/bedroom/house before the star baby. The way the camera just seamlessly transitions throughout the stages of Dave aging is amazing. It gives Dave’s aging an almost inhuman feel.

The biggest symbol throughout the movie (besides the monolith) was HAL. HAL represents the advancement of technology so far that it can be a threat to humans.Many people already think that technology is too advanced and is taking over our lives; HAL shows that fear becoming a physical problem that could literally ruin our lives and come to haunt us. The monolith appeared exactly four times in the entire film. Each time the monolith was shown, mankind progressed to a new level. The first time we see the monolith, mankind moves from primitive apes to tool wielding men. The second time, we move from immediate space travel on the moon to shooting for Jupiter (and also to having advanced technology in H.A.L.). The third time the monolith appears; we travel through a wormhole to the bedroom. The final appearance of the monolith signals the end of mankind and the birth of the star child.

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We see that every time the monolith appears, something drastic changes. Whether it is discovering tools or the creation of star babies, something drastic always changes. Therefore, the monolith symbolizes change and progression in the human race. The …

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