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Mosquito Coil Made From Lanzones Essay Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Dengue Fever

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Subject Biological Science

Erick Racho – Grade 8 Diocese of Kalookan
Erros Galope – Grade 7 Diocese of Butuan

Chapter I
The Problem and Its Setting
This is the first chapter in an investigatory undertaking. It shows the background of the survey. its aims and the statement of the job. In short this chapter gives us the starting of this job or experiment.

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Background of the Study

In this clip of the twelvemonth. more and more mosquitoes are teeming in our milieus. and now some mosquitoes have a virus called dandy fever that can besides kill a individual if non treated. There are already many things we can utilize to avoid being bitten by this insects and one of those are mosquito repellents. One sort of a mosquito repellent is a katol or spiral in English. This is a taper like object that secretes smoke that can kill mosquitoes.

Many scientists are now proving if there are alternate stuffs that can be used in doing spirals. Some have discovered that other workss are besides available stuffs in doing mosquito repellents. There are besides other utilizations of workss than merely nutrient. shelter and nutrition but besides a protection against harmful insects.

Rationale of the Study

The usage of some workss as medical utilizations is a fact that it is possible to do a mosquito repellent with a tegument of a lanzones fruit. Dengue is a really painful virus if non treated instantly. Merely from mosquitoes can we acquire this virus and it is really hazardous if bitten by one with it. These spirals might be one of the things we use but it is made of chemicals so it can non be safe from everyone particularly the fume it secretes. Using workss or fruits as alternate stuffs alternatively of chemicals can alter or destruct those symptoms and could decrease the alterations.

Aim of the survey

A mosquito spiral made up from natural mosquito driving workss will take the wellness jobs caused by commercial mosquito repellants. If this undertaking succeeds. this can be profitable for concern and can promote others to look for other utilizations of our country’s natural resources. Having an alternate solution to forestall the different sort of diseases that mosquitoes convey particularly dengue febrility and non do another job. Making usage of the natural resources of our state to work out common jobs caused by mosquitoes. particularly dengue. Our state being a tropical state can profit if this experiment succeeds.

Statement of the Problem
This survey tries to happen out the effectiveness of Lanzones desquamations as a mosquito slayer. Specifically. it wil answer the undermentioned inquiries:

1. is at that place a different figure of putting to deaths on the Lanzones mosquito slayer and the commercial mosquito slayer.
2. is it more applicable to utilize than the commercial 1.
Recent surveies showed that the fume generated from firing mosquito spiral is of certain wellness concerns a individual being exposed to the fume coming from the spiral may endure terrible unwellness and concerns that harms people particularly wheezing people.
3. Is it possible to do a mosquito spiral made from lanzones
4. Would the lanzones mosquito spiral be better than commercial spiral people use today?

5. Will at that place be harmful side effects if we use the mosquito spiral made from lanzones desquamations?


Some workss are now being studied have other potencies than merely medical specialty or nutrition. Lanzones peelings/skin has other utilizations than merely being thrown. The tegument. of the langsat assortment. can be dried and burned as incense. This tegument of the lanzones that can besides be dried and burned as incense can be a cogent evidence that this can be an alternate stuff for a mosquito repellent. One illustration is an marjoram. it is said that it contains antioxidants. anti-microbial and anti-parasitic compounds.

Significance of the Study

Our state. the Philippines. is a tropical state and now that pollution is now destructing the natural clime we have. searing heat and heavy rainfalls are what we now experience. These are besides the cause that the dandy fever virus is made. Now that more and more mosquitoes are now holding these virus. we have to utilize mosquito repellents to decrease the opportunity of holding it. The result/s of this survey can be a aid in the devising of new mosquito repellent but made from lanzones and other alternate stuff that can be said safer to the community and to those wheezing. This can besides assist others detect that lanzones besides has a possible in being used as a mosquito repellent.

This can besides be a usher in doing a mosquito repellent that people can do in their places. This can be a new find for our community and this can be developed from farther surveies from the Bureau of Plant Industry. As we all know we don’t truly utilize the peelings/skins of workss and we merely throw them off. with this undertaking we can decrease the cachexia and throwing of these peelings/skins of fruits and these can decrease the pollution in our community.

Scope and Boundary line

This undertaking tackles on doing a mosquito spiral that is made up of natural ingredients that is non harmful to human wellness. Our undertaking besides tackles the protection of human existences against mosquito bites that cause diseases. This undertaking besides focuses on the utilizations of lanzones alternatively of being a fruit that we eat but alternatively a new alternate stuff on an object that can assist our community.

Definition of Footings

The followers are the of import footings that were considered in the research: Incense. A stuff used to bring forth a fragrant olfactory property when burned Alternative. Something that can be chosen alternatively of something else. Asthmatic. Peoples who have a status that makes it hard for them to take a breath.


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