Cow Dung Mosquito Coil

The proponents choose this product because lots of mosquitoes are abundant during rainy season. Many get diseases from these harmful Insects that may lead to death. In order to minimize this problem, our group decided to make mosquito coil as repellent from mosquitoes.

It Is an organic cool made from a cow’s manure that ensures no harmful chemicals and affordable. GREEN BANANA FRIES Materials: Green Bananas 1 h cup of cooking oil 1 cup of cheddar cheese Benefits: Banana helps maintain the level of energy.

Bananas also have a lot of benefits in cardiovascular and digestive health. Banana is rich In Vitamin 86, Manganese, Vitamin C, Fiber, Potassium, Biotin, Copper and etc. Their easy portability, low expense, and great taste also help support their popularity in this exclusive group.

It ill require small capital to be produced. Resources are more convenient and available most of the time. Target Market: Students Employees Drivers Uses: It is to promote healthy foods in the society and replace Junk foods with products that give more nutritional facts than an ordinary potato.

Description: They taste as good as any fast food French fries and are healthier. It is Just the same as potato fries but different variety of main ingredient only. Rationale: I thought of creating a green banana fries to try a different variety of having a potato fries.

Cow Mosquito Coil

I think this would also be possible to make since most people like eating bananas. I also would want to prefer bananas since students are much tired after class, even skips breakfast on morning, some also are fun of having late lunch or late dinner.

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And thinking about this, I found out that Banana helps maintain the level of energy. Green bananas also are the healthiest because they have all their vitamins where ripe ones lose most of them because they’re too ripe. Green bananas do not have a strong banana flavor at all. It’s very deceptive and very healthy.

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