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“Moscow – Petushki” Review Paper

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Essay on “Moscow – Petushki”

You see what’s going on … it’s a long story … on the part of the just mentioned by me and I hope you noticed, the so-called “Unprofessional sincerity” Venechka certainly very interesting: and then he – and this is not something to him – it is not, well, purely skeptic – what to take with him. As a skeptic skeptic, I had a very understanding, but does not share his literal drinking and artistic interests (Tear of a Komsomol, … etc.), Which is not just “trend” of the time, and as is commonly believed – a fact of public life, without which it can not really understand. For example, if anyone remembers, the same Gorby (MS Gorbachev – Secretary General kapeeses 1985, the nature of proof, etc.) began his gensekstvo … with anti-alcohol decree … as if there was no other cases at the height of its flight. Not for nothing (!) Indicator of the inviolability of the social life (sometimes assumes Now for some “familiarity”, which is somewhat inaccurately, as will be seen below) was the cost of half a liter (almost like irredeemable penny Strugatsky). Recall and indicate that publishers poems of recent years has flagrantly violated the will of the author on the immutability of the value of his works in the sale – 3 rubles 62 kopecks. Moreover, the authenticity of the newspaper “Moscow-Petushki” is not necessary to install the front and the rear of the cover. Brag – I have just such a book edition 1990 200 000. All other – unworthy forgery weakly transmitting the heat of passion poems. What always bothered me in venechkom – way of criticizing the action – no-good: that it is “… and drank”? While I understand this Russian peculiarity – many notice and before and after. Here, for example, in Vizbora: “Well it’s only for Roma knife, we’re – for glass and be done with it.” Or here’s another one just mentioned MMZH, he said the people, “with bright eyes in the morning”, “the other is drunk widely in …” – see how it turns out fellow artists shine our words – from the inside. Here is an example of the songs in the Children’s hudfilme (tests, by the way, the barriers of censorship, which, we note, even the way a sausage in a children’s song “Dog byvet biting …” referred explicitly – bottom-Gia, they say!): “You take in the imagination of a bottle of wine and make a move, as if you drink to the bottom, then more traffic then another, Hey, imagination, – honor and respect, my imagination is always so full “(played by Oleg Tabakov,” King-deer “). Song – a miracle of good! – I recommend to pay attention during the event. In this sense, we – not only venechkom … Venechka – the image of reality in its extreme submission – then have nowhere to go – so it seemed to the author. Idealist, romantic – how bitter he was wrong. Successive generations of “romantic” just everything and showed – sat at a dose of … because, as he wrote one my favorite theorist “… any romanticism carries a two souls” (give a link where a lot of interesting things you can learn about more practical romantic, but quite another warehouse and this is much more serious, and a few even know about these life lessons, but … life abhors a vacuum … So how Poetka writes: “and the great network pop from the catch of huge …” (See example here.) In other words, “a holy place never empty “we venechkom -. their own, we have – his own. Is not it?

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This paper is written by Sebastian He is a student at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA; his major is Business. All the content of this paper is his perspective on “Moscow – Petushki” Review and should be used only as a possible source of ideas.

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