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Abortion, rape, marriage, death and murder may all be things used to make soap operas more realistic and ‘in-touch’ with today’s current affairs. All of the issues mentioned above are written into the scripts to make this realism seem possible.

A perfect example of a moral issue used, is an episode of where the main protagonists, a young couple called Bianca and Ricky, decide on having an abortion after they find out that their child will be born with an illness called Spina Bifida.

In an episode of Eastenders, Ricky and Bianca are going to have a child and they are both excited about having the child, and they are both discussing what gender they think that their baby will be and they both say what gender they want it to be. When they go to get the first ultrasound they find out that the baby will be a girl, as the nurse tells Bianca and Ricky this she rushes out of the room to get a doctor.

In the doctor’s office he reveals to Bianca and Ricky that their baby has spina bifida and Hydrocephalus which would cause the baby to be severely disabled, both physically and mentally. When offered an abortion, Bianca automatically says no. the doctor continues to explain that if she did have an apportion that it would be a late abortion, as she was twenty weeks pregnant, and she would have to “give birth” and when born the baby would be dead.

Soap Opera Eastenders

Away from the hospital Phil discusses with Ricky the situation he and Bianca are in and persuades Ricky to have an abortion as it would be extremely difficult to raise the child.

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At home Pat also persuades Bianca to have an abortion as well explaining how hard it would be to raise a severely disabled baby.

Bianca goes to find Ricky at work and they both decide that it would be best to have an abortion the next day. When they arrive at the hospital, Bianca sees another couple with a newly born baby and begins to have second thoughts about having an abortion, but she still goes in. Whilst preparing for the abortion, Bianca feels that baby move inside her and runs out of the hospital and tries to get back into the car. Ricky sees her go and goes after her. In the car park Bianca tells Ricky that she felt the baby move inside her and thinks that the baby knows what is going to happen and that they want to get rid of it. In the end they both decide that the abortion is for the best and Bianca goes ahead with it. Once the abortion has finished, they nurse prepares that baby for Bianca and Ricky to see it. Bianca wants to see it but Ricky finds it too much and goes out.

In a later episode, and priest suggests to Bianca and Ricky that they should name the baby so that they are able to grieve for it properly.

I believe that Ricky and Bianca made the right decision as they both felt that they would be unable to support the baby with its disability, and the baby’s life would not be a particularly pleasant one because it would be both mentally and physically disabled. However, I don’t think that abortion is right and if it were a couple who were richer and were able to provide for a disabled child then they should have the child because everyone has a right to live even if they are disabled.

However, some religious beliefs would disagree with the choice of abortion. A Catholic would not agree with any abortion even though the child could be severely disabled, they believe that every human has the right to life. But, a Church of England believer would agree with this abortion as the health of the child was at risk.

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Ricky And Bianca
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