Juliets Monologue

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The potion that lies in my hands will save my marriage with dear Romeo. Bid me leap, rather than marry Paris! O how I feel so wound up and fearful for what I have to go through. This potion shall make me live an unstained life to my sweet love Romeo. I’ve received this substance from dear Friar Laurence. Before I take this I will need of many orisons for I am very concerned for the future events. What if nothing goes according to plan and I will never get to see my beloved Romeo.

There’s a fearful point. O how troubled I feel! What if the mixture does not work at all?

Why my life is my foe’s debt. What more is there to fear? No other Capulet, no other Montague have love for each other, all is hatred and bitterness. How can my only love as a Montague live a life with I being a Capulet.

This story will have no happy ending for the world as my mind is filled with distress and sorrow of how life goes. What if this substance from Friar was to have me murdered? But why? He is the one who married Romeo and I secretly. In this potion, Friar could have put absolutely anything to have me dead, if so. Why must it be? . O God knows when we shall meet again.

When We Dead Awaken Monologue

What if the given poison to have me dead, but how such a holy man do so? For he is neither for the Capulet’s or the Montague’s.

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How I feel so pleased for someone not to be full with hate. We are star-crossed lovers. Oh Lord, from the first touch, sight and thought of Romeo it was indescribable. Finding out he is a Montague on that night left me with shock and distress. How will this ever have a happy ending? Every past event between the two families has been out of argument, disagreement, selfishness and detestation? O God how my only love, sprung from my only hate!

This much do I know, that is the way life plays out I am his and he is mine, I feel so content and blissful when I think of his name. Im like a rose that cannot bloom bright red without it’s cherish of Romeo’s water. Nevertheless, my life is falling apart out of this disbelief between two families. Does Paris know that I am not willing to marry him? Why do my dear Father and Mother force me to marry Paris when I do not desire him to be my husband. This can’t go on. Allowing the Church regarding such marriage under constraint is immoral and invalid. Why can’t they understand what this could lead me into.

I am full of anger and despair for my parents not being aware of this. O Goodness I almost want to die and stop all the sorrow that fills my heart. There is only one thing to do. To consume this poison and hope it will save my marriage with Romeo. I will not marry Paris! And as on Wednesday which is tomorrow, I will be in a deep sleep for which looks like death. No pulse, no warmth, no breath, shall testify that I live, I talk in sorrowful words. My rose in my lips and cheeks will fade to wanny ashes. This poison will appear like death, it will continue two and forty hours.

So when I awaken from deep sleep, the letters will be passed onto dear Romeo and everybody else will think I’m dead. He will apart from Mantua to free me from the tomb. O God how much I can ever thank Friar, I do hope that I will awaken before the time that Romeo comes to rescue me. I am so young! I am the youngest of them all. Why do I have to suffer so much pain! I will take this poison for I don’t want to be in any more distress. O God, bid me come to thee, for I shall rest until the new morn is born, so very excited for the upcoming event! O Romeo, Romeo, wait for me, for I long to live a life with thee!

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