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Monitor Policy Alternative Paper

Monitor Policy Alternative



Monitor Policy Alternative

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The US has in the recent past tried to come up with policies to tighten their border security, and ensure that their residents do not live in fear of terrorist attacks. This U.S has come up with policies to curb the access that criminals have to their borders for criminal activities. Measures which include 24 hour border manning, increase of salaries to the border security officers, citizenship identification, visa agreements and use of modern technology in their security system. However, the employment of modern technology is a security policy which ought to be closely monitored to prevent the existing vulnerabilities. It is difficult to determine how much influence models stimulate and exert on defense and foreign policy.

Technology puts the border military at a very vulnerable position where their database is likely to be hacked by cyber criminals. This calls for due attention to be given to the technological system. Moreover, they should be closely monitored to ensure that any threat is detected at the early stage and quarantined before getting out of hand. As much as the military today is networking, the crucial question, which remains unanswered, is whether they are ready to work to ensure their defense and how this defiance will be achieved. The US government must now work to ensure that those who are employed at the technological department are knowledgeable (Garry & Bruce, 1946).

To ensure this, the government is expected to roll out from its treasury a large sum of money to build an effective and secure military technology which will go a long way to deal with terrorism and ensure that the borders are no longer at risk of illegal immigrants (Bond, 1987). In addition, the border security officers must take an oath to bind them not to relay any information to an enemy. Cyber criminals are working hard round the clock to ensure that they hack the US military database, and this calls for the US to also ensure they have well equipped personnel to work harder to ensure that any threat like a virus is dealt with immediately by creation of an antivirus to prevent any damage.

The government must also ensure that they do not buy the military software from unreliable companies. It would be better if they develop their own original software to use at the country’s borders and also to be use by the military, rather than buying from oversees leaving behind critical information, which can be used by the cyber criminals to damage the whole system (Graham 2008). The main vulnerability lies on the programs. If the government does not kill this, a lot of money will be wasted trying to solve the problem in future if it has become impossible to eliminate. Technology is not the only border security concern; there exist other border security concerns like citizenship identification.

The border security must ensure that they employ the modern citizenship gadget to prevent the entry of criminals into the country. The visa validity period should be such that the immigrant is not allowed to overstay in the country which might lead to criminal activity by an illegal citizen. (Suro & Roberto, 2005). In addition, the cross border checks should be in line with the current technology to help ensure that those who are getting into the country are not criminals and have the right documents to enable them cross over into the United States of America. Finally, the various border policies must be monitored to prevent any criminal act. This is because all border policies are vulnerable to attack by criminals.


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