Miss Carolines

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Miss Caroline Letter Hey Dairy, You’ll be happy to find out your little sister got to teach her first class! Today, I taught grade ones at Macomb down in Southern Alabama. Things are deferent around here… Very different. This one little gal named Scout already knew how to read! Can you believe that? Her parents are teaching her the wrong way! The poor little girl knows nothing about real education. But luckily I’ll be here to gulled her In the right direction.

Also, you wouldn’t believe how poor these kids are!

I lent one of the boys, Walter, a quarter so the starving kid could have some lunch. He couldn’t pay me back ICC! These kids will eventually clean out my wallet. I knew thing were different In the south but I had no Idea how different their lifestyles were. I had a rough start on my first day, but with my teaching skills, I can mold them Into proper children.

I’m missing you and everyone back home terribly, but the longer I’m In the south the longer I’m fixing a child’s life. Hope to see all of you soon! Lots of love, your little sis

Miss Carolines

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