Lord Of The Flies Savages

In the novel “Lord of the Flies,” by William Golding, the boys change from well educated and behaved, to savages. This is all caused by actions on the island such as hunger, age, fear, and Jacks decisions. Jack is a selfish character and creates violent situations; as long as he has what he needs, he has no care about the others.

In the beginning of the novel, Jack is a 12 year old boy who wants to become chief since he was the leader of his choir.

As Jack leaves and starts his own tribe, Ralph and Piggy discuss what they thinkwhat is causing conflict on island. Piggy states, “I dunno, Ralph I expect it’s him. “Jack?” “Jack.” A taboo was evolving around that word too. Ralph nodded solemnly. “Yes, I suppose it must be” (140. Golding). This discussion between Piggy and Ralph portray the blame Jack has for causing all the chaos and problems on the island. Another conflict that occurs is when jack realizes that they have no way of lighting a fire without Piggy’s glasses.

When they asked what they are going to do Jack replies, “We’ll raid them and take fire.” (136. Golding).Jack wants to be a rebel and take the fire from them, instead of doing the right thing and asking for some. As the novel ends, you can see that when Eric and Sam talk to Ralph the novel states “They’re going to hunt you tomorrow” (188. Golding).Portrays the savage attitude Jack and his tribe have become; from hunting pigs to human beings.

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Jack went from being a humble, british school boy to being a complete savage.

Lord Of The Flies Savages

The conch is a main symbol of the novel; the boys use it as a way of peacefully communicating, but instead creates violence. Such as when Jack and Ralph are debating on Jack’s side of the island, as Ralph brings up the conch Jack replies, “the conch doesn’t count at this end of the island.” (150. Golding).Jack is indirectly saying that order doesn’t count. You can see the order doesn’t count on the island when “The rock str…

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Lord Of The Flies Savages
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