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“Milk with blood” Review Paper

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Essay on “Milk with blood”

Who ever read at least one book Luko Dashvar, will want to read all the others – it is checked on all my friends and acquaintances. I do not know how she manages it, but every book turns out better than the last

This book – the second published Luko Dashvar in Ukraine, I recently learned that already have it translated into Russian. When I first read “Milk with blood”, my opinion was just mine and totally independent, I do not know none such, in fact, this Luko Dashvar or where it picks topics for his books, I, as a reader, just swallowed her books to give a true reader’s pleasure.

Luko Dashvar steel now blame for all sorts of way, they say, a lot of tin in the novels, the language of the common people, a lot of intrigue, vulgarity and so on and so forth … But it happens sooner or later all find fame in the literary field, fashion passes, and each schi It melts my duty to express his “phi” in the address book and its author, but …

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I was thinking about this: the book does not get any better or worse, it is the same as two years ago, when I could not tear myself away until it turned the last page, so why, actually, I should change my opinion about it? Hence, I bring safely to their top ten and write a review !!!

What is this book about? Well, of course, about love, about her selfless and shameless, beautiful and shocking, mutual and unrequited, flashy and sincere, easy and through suffering, fleeting and eternal – the many faces of love

unconventional plot draws from the first pages, and here we are again in a Ukrainian village, true passion, which it played with a light hand of the author, just Shakespeare. The love story, life-long and life-long love …

In the novel, as always with Luko Dashvar, present and mystical line – is the story of ancient coral beads, transmitted from mother to daughter, and embarks on a heart only true love.

We can not say that the novel is entirely without flaws, perhaps, there are a couple of spoons of tar, to which I refer, for example, the creation of the author of artificial obstacles for the characters, saturation of events, sometimes a certain lack of logic in the behavior of the characters and unnecessary tragedy, but the general impression from reading I’m not spoiled, and so my rating 5 out of 5.

By the way, now I know where are the stories, it turns out, the author worked for a time in a rural newspaper, collected stories from villagers and recorded, and when they have accumulated a lot, I began to write their own, like this, do not leave indifferent …

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